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What's New in Ultra High Performance

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A look at windows and components designed to offer R-5 and similar high performance levels SUNRISE Products offering R-5 type performance levels are a growing business at Sunrise Windows. Recent additions to its line include a 1⅜-inch Performance Sash option in its casement and awning windows. The optional sash enables the company to use IG packages that enable the line to reach U-factors as low as 0.16 for a fixed window and 0.17 for an operating window. This sash design also allows Sunrise to reach R-5 (U-factor =. 020) with air, enabling the company to provide this option in higher elevations where argon could be lost. Combining aesthetics, convenience and performance, the Performance Sash also allows homeowners the option for SunBlinds offering Energy Star performance levels not available with typical blind-between-the-glass options, it points out. Other options include a Simulated Meeting Rail that allows homeowners to emulate the look of a double hung with a casement window, offering a higher level of performance. 734/847-8778 | DECEUNINCK Combining European flair with American ingenuity, the Revolution tilt/turn window system features a seven-chamber thermal structure, Deceuninck's Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements, and multifunctional operability in a window with the capability of achieving an R-value of 7+ and a C-100 rating, the supplier reports. Minimal frame and sash sightlines help provide maximum daylight area and enable the window to take full advantage of today's high-performance glass technologies. The line includes installation accessories for the North American market and an integral screen system, and is compatible with popular North American door systems. 877/563-4251 | QUANEX Designed to serve the remodeling and replacement market, the EnergyQuest window system provides OEM customers with an affordable product that offers the highefficiency features and benefits needed to meet or exceed new Energy Star standards taking effect in 2013, the supplier reports. From Quanex Building Products, the line is designed to provide a mid-range alternative to its Energy Core insulated vinyl window system, with multiple accessory options. Available in double-hung, single-hung, slider, casement and picture window options, the line accepts 1⅛-inch glazing, allowing for triple-pane window systems. It will also come standard with the supplier's SuperCoat UV-cured color coating. Said to be seven times harder than paint, the coating if offered in black, architectural bronze, antique bronze, adobe, hunter green and gray. 216/910-1500 | VISTA Offered through an exclusive dealer program, the Energy Xtreme window features a foam-filled sash and frame, composite-reinforced meeting rail, and energy-efficient Duralite spacer system. From Vista Window Co., the program also offers three levels of X-factor energyefficient triple glass. By creating unequal or offset spacing between the glass lites, the window is able to attain some of the best overall U-Values in the industry–as low as .18 for a double hung with no grids, the manufacturer reports. In addition, the windows incorporate verified gas-filling with the OptiGas and ThermalCert gas filling and verification system. The performance features enable the windows to meet and exceed current and future Energy Star requirements, as well as the DOE requirements for R-5 windows. 330/554-5910 | WEILAND Tilt/turn windows from Wei-land Sliding Doors & Windows offer both beauty and high performance, offering a DP 60 rating up to a 47 x 59 inch frame size. Depending upon glass selection, the windows offer U-factors as low as 0.25. Featuring German hardware from GU, the window is designed to tilt inward for secure and controlled ventilation and swing inward like a casement window for easy cleaning. The sash and frame are built from aluminum profiles with an interior wood cladding, offered in a wide selection of available hardwoods and select softwoods. The Kynar exterior finish can be matched to most any color sample provided. 760/722-8828 | PPG INDUSTRIES A new flyer with performance data for Sungate 600 details the passive, low-emissivity glass that is designed to help homes retain furnace and solar heat, especially in cold, Northern climates. In a standard .-inch residential IG unit, Sungate 600 glass has a winter nighttime U-value of 0.29, along with a VLT of 72 percent and an SHGC of 0.70. The document also explains how Sungate 600 glass can be combined with Solarban solar control, low-E glasses to help window makers achieve R-5 insulating performance with dual-pane window construction. 888/774-4527 | THERMAL The Park Avenue Window Collection is said to offer homeowners a greener choice when looking for replacement windows for their home. Manufactured by Thermal Industries, the line features vinyl construction to offer a sustainable lifespan and recyclability. Use of vinyl also provides a finish that never needs painting or refinishing, the company notes. Fusion-welded, multi-chambered construction prevents air leakage, water infiltration and energy loss, with Dow Blue High R-Density extruded polystyrene insulation inserted into the frame and sash profiles to enhance performance further. The standard E3-Max glass system is made for extreme winters and summers, featuring triple-pane glass with two lites of soft coat LoE2. Additionally, the glass features krypton gas, as well as an all-foam warm-edge spacer. The windows perform to levels that exceed Energy Star criteria in all climate regions of the United States, the manufacturer reports. 412/395-1900 | SOFT-LITE Imperial LS and Elements vinyl windows exceed the new Energy Star performance criteria in all climate zones. Gorell 5300 series, a newly-acquired Soft-Lite product, also exceeds Energy Star's new performance criteria. With triple-glazing packages, the Elements line offers U-factors as low as 0.16. The Imperial and Gorell lines offer U-factors as low as 0.17. The manufacturer offers a variety of glass packages, including multiple low-E and/or solar coating options and a choice of spacer systems and gas fills. 330/528-3400 | WINDSOR Pinnacle Select, a new premium wood window line from Windsor Windows, are available in vented and fixed casements, picture, transom and awning windows. Featuring thicker sash and wider stiles and rails, the windows are designed to provide unsurpassed performance and a massive architectural presence well-suited to luxury homes. The 23/16-inch thick sash provides dimension and strength, as well as increased insulating value, with 23/16-inch stiles and rails contributing impressive DP ratings ranging from 40 to 70, depending on product and size, the company reports. The line is offered in clear select pine, natural alder or Douglas fir. They are available equipped with a traditional crank or an easy-to-operate lever in a traditional push-out style. Optional retractable screens are available with a solid wood pull that visually blends into the wood sash and provides easy operation. 800/218-6186 | CRYSTAL Offering flexibility and energy efficiency, the Series 200 vinyl window is well positioned not only to meet, but to exceed the coming new aggressive Energy Star standards, the manufacturer reports. With the present standard glass, the window meets current Energy Star levels and with an optional glazing package, the window meets R-5 energy performance levels (U=0.20 fixed and U=0.22 double/hung). Crystal Window & Door Systems offers a variety of glazing options, including high-performance low-E glass coatings, multiple coatings and fourth-surface low-E hard coats. Argon gas filling is standard on most vinyl windows, with an argon-krypton mix optional. An optional alternate warm-edge spacer can further enhance thermal efficiency. The line includes double-hung, fixed/picture, casement, slider, hopper, and awning windows. The line also includes bay, bow, and garden window styles and architectural shapes. These 3¼-inch frame depth windows feature basic energy efficient elements such as multi-chamber frame and sash profiles, a deep pocket sill, warm-edge insulating glass spacer technology, and triple-seal head and sill and double-seal jamb weatherstripping. Other features include an autoactivating sash lock, constant force balances, tilt sash and designer beveled profile. 718/961-1300 | KOLBE With high-performance, double or triple pane insulating glass with LoE coatings, Kolbe offers more than 20,000 products that meet or exceed Energy Star criteria for both the U.S. and Canada. Examples of Kolbe's windows with triple pane glass include its Ultra Series cottage-style Sterling double hung windows with LoE3-366 to balance solar control with high visibility, blocking more unwanted solar heat gain than other clear glass coatings. Performance divided lites maintain the intended energy efficiency and the cottage style windows' traditional aesthetic, where the top sash is proportionally smaller than the bottom, the manufacturer points out. Its Ultra Series tilt/turn windows can swing in like a casement or tilt-in like a hopper. The dual action functionality and stylish, flat divided lite bars can be coupled with LoE2-270 coated glass, which blocks 96 percent of the sun's infrared heat and 83 percent of potentially-damaging UV rays. Ultra Series EP casement and awning windows can achieve Ufactors as low as 0.19. 715/842-5666 | PLY GEM With the launch of Phase II of the DOE High Performance Windows Volume Purchase Program last year, Ply Gem Windows introduced an R-5 configuration option to both its new construction and retrofit product series nationwide to meet the program's requirements. Qualifying R-5 configurations are available on most styles within the its Premium, Pro and Contractor Series 2000 in the Eastern U.S., and in select styles of the Premium Series 1000 and Pro Series in the Western U.S. The company's HP3Max glass package, a triple-pane, argon-filled unit with two panes of low-E glass and one pane of interior surface low- E, is key to achieving the performance levels. 888/975-9436 | MI Designed for optimal energy efficiency and high performance without compromising style and functionality, the MI EnergyCore line of windows combines AirCell PVC frame technology, TMax insulating glass, and a design that incorporates numerous physical barriers against air and water infiltration. The line provides a cost-effective family of products to meet the next phase of Energy Star requirements and qualify for the DOE's High Performance Windows Program (R-5). In addition to the co-extruded insulation, the frame also incorporates oversized balance pockets and optimally placed internal webbing to handle the weight of 1⅛-inch triple pane insulating glass across the entire size catalog, as well as any grid or glass combination including tempered and laminated glass, the manufacturer points out. In addition to being extremely energy efficient, the framing is also environmentally- friendly, made of 20 percent recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, it is noted. 888/417-1162 | VINYLBILT Engineered Thermal Insulation, or ETI, has been developed by Vinylbilt to improve the thermal performance of its Platinum Series vinyl windows. The insulating system is engineered to minimize heat and cold transfer through window sash and frame, as well as reduce condensation on the glass surface. The manufacturer's product line includes a wide variety of windows and patio doors, with a range of interior and exterior finishes and grille options. 800/361-1753 |

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