Window and Door - June/July 2012

New Tools to Improve Operations

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Suppliers provide dealers with new options designed to increase efficiency throughout the business WTS PARADIGM TouchQuote is an iPad mobile selling tool for use in home, on job sites, or wherever building products are sold. Improving the in-home experience by automating the selling, quoting, pricing, and ordering process, the tool makes it possible to quickly and seamlessly present multiple product lines, gather information about the job, configure and price units, and close the sale. Configuration and pricing data can be customized, comparison quoting can be generated in seconds, and an agreement and/or invoice can be printed or emailed to the homeowner on the spot all from an iPad, the company states. Sales consultants can focus on the customer and on the sale and not be distracted by calculating pricing and options. Other benefits include increased professionalism, easy upsell capabilities, and one-time data entry for use in the sales, manufacturing, and the installation process to eliminate mistakes and reworks due to re-keying and human error. 608/662-1937 | IMPROVEIT The supplier of business management applications for home improvement dealers has released improveit! 360 Mobile, a new app developed for iOS and Android that provides users an easy way to access information from the road. Saving time and boosting productivity, the app allows users to instantly view appointment information and vital prospect details. Prospects can be called by simply touching a “call” button– no more searching for the correct prospect phone number or fumbling with dialing a phone. The app also reduces drive times, but providing quick directions to the next prospect appointment. For smartphones and tablets, the app enables home improvement contractors to stay better organized while on the go, helping them maintain a professional image in front of potential customers, the supplier states. 866/421-3360 | PONDEROSA For lumber and millwork dealers, Ponderosa’s Mobile Sales Desk is an ondemand business tool that can help users improve customer service and close more sales. Using an iPhone or other smart phone, a company representative can establish a secure link to the Ponderosa Software running in the host server for immediate access to the information needed to respond to a customer question or request. Targeted sales tools and screens can provide customer contact information, product information, promotions and on-hand inventory counts and a variety of sales reports. The company’s software can also be accessed easily with a new iPad app that enables users to enter orders, confirm product availability, check order status, visually confirm special order items to reduce errors and shipment costs and access the main software program’s integrated Business Intelligence tool for a variety of reports. 800/422-4782 | PRODIM The Prodim Door & Window Solution expands upon the capabilities of the supplier’s Proliner 2D and 3D measuring devices. First, the user measures the door or window opening on site and saves it digitally. Then, the measurements are converted in the office and automatically interfaced to an ERP or CAM system, or downloaded to program CNC machines, the company explains. Measurement reports, shop forms and barcode stickers can be created with the system to organize the logistic process. Working in the factory, rather than the jobsite, enables doors to be machined in optimal conditions with the right tools automatically, the supplier notes. The company also now offers the Window Position tool, a special clamp enables the Proliner to be positioned in the middle of the window frame to get an optimal measurement result. 888/229-3328 | MARKETSHARP A web-based application, MarketSharpm is a contact and business process management system designed to cost-effectively increase a home improvement company’s performance by lowering lead costs, increasing closing ratios, and improving overall office efficiency. Accessible through any internet-enabled device, the cloud-based customer relationship management system empowers users with advanced functionality in lead generation and marketing; searching and filtering for instant data retrieval; lead, customer and job tracking; production and service management; and reporting and data analysis. Recent additions to the system include a Lead Paint Compliance module—a utility for maintaining renovation recordkeeping and proper documentation required by the EPA’s RRP rule. 800/335-4254 | FRIEDMAN Frontier eQuote gives manufacturers the ability to enhance the relationship with customers by providing powerful Web-based tools for quoting, order submission, order management, and credit, the supplier states. The system increases customer satisfaction and improves retention, while at the same time reducing internal overhead for processing quotes, taking sales orders, and handling customer inquiries. From Friedman Crop., the system enables users of its Frontiers ERP system to leverage existing skill sets, workflows, and product knowledge, with no new configurators to learn or complex synchronization efforts. 847/945-7180 | CILIO The supplier of online order distribution and management systems for installed sales in the building materials industry features the Cilio Partners Portal, a web-based platform for retail home improvement stores and manufacturers. The portal transforms the way manufacturers and retailers distribute and manage their orders for installed sales among complex trading partner networks, the company explains. The software-as-a-service portal captures orders electronically via a single, consistent process and distributes those orders automatically to the proper partners making them available for viewing any time, from any computer or mobile device. 262/320-0480 | FIT’EM RIGHT An iPhone app designed for DIY window replacement and installation, Fit’em Right Windows provides step-bystep instructions, tips on measuring, instructional videos, a database of window types and sizes, and sharable, printable reports, the supplier reports. For professional installers and contractors, the app allows entry of job measurements and opening types. This can help eliminate mistakes caused by transferring measurements from a note pad to a computer, as a copy of the measurements and the report can be emailed directly to the user’s computer, as well as a client. DEWALT Designs for construction professionals, Dewalt Mobile Pro contains a construction calculator for solving complex jobsite math in the field, and five basic calculations with integrated reference materials to offer help, examples and illustrations. The free app, available for iPhones and iPads, also provides additional high-value functionality including a running history of recent calculations, a customizable list of favorite calculations for quick and easy access to those used most often, and the ability to instantly email calculation results. The app can also be customized with trade-specific add-ons.

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