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INTERLOCK The Nova Slim casement locking handle features a very low-profile design that eliminates interference with blinds and window treatments, the supplier states. From Interlock USA, the sleek, sophisticated hardware features an aesthetic flush mount design available in powder-coat and architectural finishes. For vinyl casement applications, the handle works in conjunction with Nova multipoint casement locking hardware. The supplier has also introduced a new range of Nova casement operators and hinges for vinyl, wood and aluminum applications, including dual-arm, single-arm, dyad and awning operators. 877/852-8808 | JENTRA Designed to provide a better way to install doors, the Cheatah tool simply clicks onto the door (prior to installation) to show the level/plumb of the door as well as maintain the proper reveal on each side during installation, the supplier explains. From JenTra Tools, the device features uses a fold-down spacer that allows it fit on both 1- and 1¾-inch doors. Eliminating the need to juggle 6-foot levels or attempting to balance a door into place while trying to keep everything square, the tool works on interior and exterior doors, residential and commercial doors, single or double doors, and inswing or outswing doors, according to the company. The tool can also be used on doors with brickmould or cladding, doors with sidelites or transoms, doors with applied casing, swing patio doors, and doors with split jambs. 218/838-6195 | ULTRAFAB The multi-hollow bulb (MHB) seal line offers both the low closing force of a hollow bulb seal and the longterm resiliency of a foam-filled seal at a price point between traditional hollow bulb seals and foam-filled seals, the manufacturer states. During early stages of compression, the MHB seal requires minimal force. At later stages of compression, the outer bulb makes contact with the inner bulb and closing forces build rapidly to provide excellent sealing pressure against the mating surface, making the product extremely effective against air and water infiltration, the company explains. By adjusting the relationship between the inner and outer bulbs, designers can fine tune preferred closing forces and seal pressures created at the final compression point for specific applications, it is noted. Standard and custom shapes are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, tan or brown. Seals can also be produced with a low friction surface on the critical contact areas for sliding and tilting applications. 585/924-2186 | SIMONTON Similar in design to impact-resistant glass packages found in code-driven coastal area homes, SafePoint glass is available as an option on Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows and doors to offer no effort protection for the home, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the manufacturer states. The glass package can give homeowners peace of mind for protection against severe weather and potential intruders, and also helps prevent unwanted outside noise from entering the home, an important benefit if a house is located in a high-traffic area, near an airport, railway or urban center. Windows and doors with the glass have passed ASTM E1886-05/1996-09 at the Missile C level and can withstand repeated blows by a heavy object, the company reports. Products with the glass can also be ordered to meet Energy Star guidelines for all areas of the country. Other options include Decorum by Simonton laminated woodgrain interiors and a variety of exterior colors, distinctive hardware, simulated divided lites and exterior flat casing trim that simulates the look of traditional wood windows and doors. 800/746-6686 | VENTURE VG700 and VG 1200 closed-cell polyolefin foam glazing tapes provide high performance, better adhesion, weather resistance, and durability, according to the manufacturer. From Venture Tape, VG700 features an exposed side, rubber-based adhesive for PVC and other low surface energy sash and frame materials, while the VG1200 product has a solvent-based acrylic, also formulated for PVC and other low surface energy materials. Both products feature a liner side solvent-based acrylic adhesive designed for adhesion to glass. Both products feature a new and improved liner and have low VOCs, making them environmentally friendly and eligible to contribute to LEED compliance credits, the supplier reports. 781/421-2258 | BAVARIAN The Series 5050 Sliding Glass Door has a 49⁄16-inch frame depth, integral siding J-channel and 3-inch wide panels, as well as dual-weatherstripped frames and snap-in covers to enhance aesthetics, the supplier reports. Twotrack and direct-glazed styles are available. The direct-set door can be rotated for reversibility and has optional fixed glass adapters for equal glass heights. From Bavarian Polymers, the exterior-glazed doors are projected to meet Zone 4 impact testing with a 7/8-inch glazing leg and 5/8-inch panel penetration into the frame, it states. Accommodating IG thicknesses range from 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch, the doors were designed to accept a wide variety of trimsets, single- and multi-point locks, and rollers with end or side adjustment. 615/326-0001 | CONFORMÉ Renovate RRP is an app designed to streamline and simplify compliance with EPA lead requirements. From Conformé LLC, the app guides contractors through prep, testing, containment, work flow and clean up, enabling them to track interior and exterior renovation process and capture photos as documentation, the supplier states. The ability to email documentation enables users to backup and archive details and final reports for individual jobs. The app also provides links to informative EPA and OSHA websites and ongoing updates to the changes in Federal RRP and OSHA regulations, it is noted. 207/671-8110 | J&S MACHINE Manufacturers can now bend vinyl and aluminum extrusions with one machine, the supplier states. Distributed by J&S Machine, the entire range of 3C Clomea bending machines can be supplied with heating elements, an electrical panel, and control console that enable the units to handle PVC. The control console allows the user to manage the air emission of the heaters and keep a consistent temperature during the bending process. Custom rollers are designed with high precision for each profile to minimize deformation of the work piece, the company states. 715/273-3376 |

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