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³ SPECIAL FEATURE Window & Door Presents the IDE&#15;&%%&#15;&#15; 7n&#15;?d]c&#15;<#&#15;HlVchdc BVcj[VXijgZgh&#15;d[&#15;'%&' I]^h&#15;nZVgÈh&#15;gVc`^c\h&#15;hj\\Zhi&#15;bdgZ&#15;dei^b^hb&#15;[dg&#15;\gdli]&#15;V]ZVY L ast year was marked by continued turbulence for the window and door industry. Buoyed by tax credits for energy efficient products in 2009 and 2010, sales at many window and door makers were holding up even as the overally economy languished. Those incentives largely disappeared in 2011, creating a challenging climate in the replacement and remodeling market to match the existing weakness in the residential construction. It was a bumpy ride for many of Window & Door’s 2012 Top 100 Manufacturers. Our annual rankings present North America’s 100 largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors and/ or skylights, based on sales volume. More than simple rankings, however, the Top 100 feature provides basic information about each company, with updates on recent activities. Those updates reflect the challenging landscape companies faced in 2011, even as many started looking for an economic recovery. Over the past few years, following the housing market collapse, the Top 100 has evolved into an annual sum-mary of the past year’s plant closings and layoffs. Those seemed to slow in 2010, but they continued in 2011, particularly among the larger players. Plant closings and consolidations were announced by Atrium, Jeld-Wen, Pella, Fortune Brands (Simonton), Masco (Milgard) and the Shield Family Cos. The challenging landscape is also reflected in the closed doors of companies from last year’s rankings. GBO, manufacturer of Bonneville Windows & Doors in Quebec, declared bankruptcy and has not re-emerged. Florida Extruders was acquired from bankruptcy, but the new owners did not re-open its window manufacturing unit. California’s International Window saw its parent declare bankruptcy and was re-opened under new owner-ship, but it is not part of this year’s Top 100. The stubborn nature of the current down market is evident this year as well, with Gorell Windows & Doors entering receivership, and its assets purchased by Soft-Lite LLC. POSITIVE SIGNS Not all of the news among Top 100 manufacturers was bad. There were moves to modernize and expand facili-ties at All Weather, Hurd, Masonite, Quaker, Northeast Building Products and Thompson Creek. Quebec-based Novatech added a new operation in France. These initia-tives provide evidence that some companies continued to find success or see growth opportunities ahead. Also suggesting the opportunities for success are the advances that a few companies made up the rungs within our Top 100. Although we provide specific sales data when it’s available, private companies, generally sensitive about releasing sales figures, dominate the industry. As a result, manufacturers are listed alphabetically within 10 sales range categories. Among those companies moving up in this year’s Top 100 were Champion Window & Patio Room. The manufacturer and installer of replacement windows and other products moves up from the Top 100’s $200 million to $300 million sales range category this year to the $300 million to $500 million category. Another such company, Thompson Creek, moves up from the Top 100’s $40 million to $50 million sales range category for 2011 to the $50 million to $75 million category. Reflecting the strength in the ultra-high-end market is Reilly Windows & Doors. The New York-based company advances from the Top 100’s $15 million to $30 million sales range category this year to the $30 million to $40 million category for 2012. In years past, the Top 100 has provided a guide to the latest mergers and acquisitions. Last year produced one big 30 | Window & Door | March/April 2012

Annual Rankings of North America's Largest Residential Window and Door Manufacturers Reflect Challenging Landscape

John G. Swanson

Top 100 Manufacturers 2012<br /> <br /> SPECIAL FEATURE<br /> <br /> This year's rankings suggest more optimism for growth ahead<br /> Last year was marked by continued turbulence for the window and door industry. Buoyed by tax credits for energy efficient products in 2009 and 2010, sales at many window and door makers were holding up even as the overally economy languished. Those incentives largely disappeared in 2011, creating a challenging climate in the replacement and remodeling market to match the existing weakness in the residential construction. It was a bumpy ride for many of Window & Door's 2012 Top 100 Manufacturers. Our annual rankings present North America's 100 largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors and/ or skylights, based on sales volume. More than simple rankings, however, the Top 100 feature provides basic information about each company, with updates on recent activities. Those updates reflect the challenging landscape companies faced in 2011, even as many started looking for an economic recovery.<br /> <br /> Over the past few years, following the housing market collapse, the Top 100 has evolved into an annual summary of the past year's plant closings and layoffs. Those seemed to slow in 2010, but they continued in 2011, particularly among the larger players. Plant closings and consolidations were announced by Atrium, Jeld-Wen, Pella, Fortune Brands (Simonton), Masco (Milgard) and the Shield Family Cos.<br /> <br /> The challenging landscape is also reflected in the closed doors of companies from last year's rankings. GBO, manufacturer of Bonneville Windows & Doors in Quebec, declared bankruptcy and has not re-emerged. Florida Extruders was acquired from bankruptcy, but the new owners did not re-open its window manufacturing unit. California's International Window saw its parent declare bankruptcy and was re-opened under new ownership, but it is not part of this year's Top 100. The stubborn nature of the current down market is evident this year as well, with Gorell Windows & Doors entering receivership, and its assets purchased by Soft-Lite LLC.<br /> <br /> POSITIVE SIGNS<br /> <br /> Not all of the news among Top 100 manufacturers was bad. There were moves to modernize and expand facilities at All Weather, Hurd, Masonite, Quaker, Northeast Building Products and Thompson Creek. Quebec-based Novatech added a new operation in France. These initiatives provide evidence that some companies continued to find success or see growth opportunities ahead.<br /> <br /> Also suggesting the opportunities for success are the advances that a few companies made up the rungs within our Top 100. Although we provide specific sales data when it's available, private companies, generally sensitive about releasing sales figures, dominate the industry. As a result, manufacturers are listed alphabetically within 10 sales range categories. Among those companies moving up in this year's Top 100 were Champion Window & Patio Room. The manufacturer and installer of replacement windows and other products moves up from the Top 100's $200 million to $300 million sales range category this year to the $300 million to $500 million category.<br /> <br /> Another such company, Thompson Creek, moves up from the Top 100's $40 million to $50 million sales range category for 2011 to the $50 million to $75 million category. Reflecting the strength in the ultra-high-end market is Reilly Windows & Doors. The New York-based company advances from the Top 100's $15 million to $30 million sales range category this year to the $30 million to $40 million category for 2012.<br /> <br /> In years past, the Top 100 has provided a guide to the latest mergers and acquisitions. Last year produced one big story in that arena, with Onex Corp., a Canadian investment group, aquiring a majority stake in Jeld-Wen. The deal, valued at $870 million, was designed to reduce debt at Jeld-Wen, which many see as North America's largest window and door manufacturer and one of the largest industry companies in the world. Other than Onex, private equity firms were fairly quiet within the Top 100 in 2011.<br /> <br /> There were some acquisitions. Masonite also made some sizable investments, buying Marshfield DoorSystems and Birchwood Best, two companies focused on the commerical door business. Other deals within the Top 100 were more modest. ProVia, which had already expanded beyond windows and doors into siding, added a stone business. Steves & Sons acquired the assets of Advantage Millwork to expand its line, while TruStile added Woodharbor's door production operations.<br /> <br /> PUTTING IT TOGETHER<br /> <br /> This year, the Top 100 welcomes a number of companies for the first time. New entries from the U.S. include Michigan's Wallside Windows. Arizona's Paramount Window Corp., and MariTech Windows and Don Young Co. from Texas. From Canada, the Window Designs Group of Ontario and Solaris International from Quebec join the rankings for the first time. Based on the annual sales yardstick, at least some of these companies probably could have been included in previous years.<br /> <br /> No list is perfect, and we don't make any definitive claims about the Window & Door Top 100. We don't claim to know every company that could possibly be included and don't have enough information for some companies that possibly belong within these rankings.<br /> <br /> In putting this feature together, we start each year with the previous year's list, contacting individual companies to obtain information and confirmation. We also gather input from a number of industry experts as to what other companies should be on the list and reach out to other potential listees. In addition to contacting the companies themselves, we also use independent sources, such as Dun & Bradstreet, and information published elsewhere, to determine which companies may belong in the rankings.<br /> <br /> It is important to note that the Top 100 focuses on the North American industry. While such companies as the Formosa Group, VKR and YKK are included, they are part of the Top 100 because they have residential window, door or skylight manufacturing operations in North America. They are ranked not by their North American sales, but based on their global sales, as are North America based manufacturers, to reflect their potential strength and influence on the market here. Window & Door does not attempt to rank other global window and door manufacturers that do not have operations here.<br /> <br /> Although we provide specific sales data when it's available, private companies, generally sensitive about releasing sales figures, dominate the industry. A few companies always ask that we not include them and/or refuse to provide any information. We understand the sensitivity of releasing sales figures, and we attempt to respect that by presenting our Top 100 Manufacturers alphabetically in 10 sales range categories. That being said, we do not omit any manufacturer simply because it asks. When we don't get an official answer, we gather estimates from industry insiders and look to other sources, and include those companies noting that their sales information has not been confirmed.<br /> <br /> It's also worthwhile to note that the numbers presented here are certainly not comparable on an apples-to-apples basis. For some companies, sales volume figures include products other than windows and doors. In other cases, sales volumes consist not only of manufacturing operations, but distribution, retail and installation operations. Despite these limitations, we do believe the end result reflects the leading manufacturers in the residential marketplace, at least from a sales perspective.<br /> <br /> Our primary mission is to provide the valuable, accurate information to our readers. While we admit the Top 100 Manufacturers rankings will never be perfect, we do the best we can with the information available. We always look to make the Top 100 better, so by all means, if your company belongs on the list, let us know so we can recognize you properly. And if your company is on this list, but our estimates are wrong, please let us know. It is only with the cooperation of individual manufacturers that Window & Door's Top 100 rankings can be as accurate as possible. Questions or comments about this year's rankings and requests to be included next year can be sent to<br /> <br /> One final caution we always add is that inclusion in the Top 100 is strictly based on annual sales. Better quality measurements, product performance levels, higher customer satisfaction ratings and even bigger profit margins may all make better yardsticks in comparing one company against another. Inclusion in these rankings doesn't necessarily make any manufacturer's window or door better than a competitor's offering. We do believe our Top 100 reflects this industry's leaders from one perspective, however. And, we congratulate those companies that are on the list, for it is a considerable achievement to have survived, and now be in a position to thrive, looking at 2012 and beyond.<br /> <br /> More than $1 Billion<br /> <br /> ANDERSEN CORP.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Bayport, Minn. Employees: 9,000 Websites:,,,,, Product Lines: Clad, wood, vinyl and composite windows and patio doors. Storm doors. General information: Based in Bayport, Minn., where it operates a 2.8 million-square-foot facility covering 65 acres, Andersen has 15 manufacturing locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, as well as Ontario, Canada. Over the past decade, Andersen has acquired several companies, including Silver Line Windows & Doors, a producer of vinyl windows and doors with an 880,000-square-foot headquarters plant in North Brunswick, N.J., and facilities in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio and Texas. Andersen also added in 2005 Eagle Window & Door, an aluminum-clad wood window producer based in Dubuque, Iowa, and Emco Enterprises, which makes storm doors. Added in 2001, KML Windows, a custom wood window producer based in London, Ontario, now manufacturers Andersen Architectural brand products. Andersen has also expanded internally in recent years, especially its Renewal by Andersen direct-to-consumer replacement window business, which operates a 227,000-square-foot plant in Cottage Grove, Minn., as well as nine company-owned retail locations. Andersen operates with a combination of independent and company-owned distributors. Andersen Logistics operates distribution centers in California, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. In 2010, it opened a new distribution center in Fall River, Mass., at a site previously housing a Silver Line Windows factory. Forbes Magazine ranked Andersen 206th among America's largest private companies for 2011, estimating the window and door manufacturer's 2011 revenues to be $2.16 billion.<br /> <br /> FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan Websites:,, Product lines: Fiberglass entry doors and composite frames. Fiberglass patio door systems. General information: Two U.S.-based manufacturers, Plastpro Inc., the producer of fiberglass entry doors, and Neuma Doors, a supplier of fiberglass patio door systems, are both part of the Taiwan based Formosa Plastics Group., one of the largest producers of petrochemicals and plastic products in the world, with annual sales of more than $75 billion and 100,000 employees. Plastpro operates a 250,000-square-foot automated door manufacturing facility in Ashtabula, Ohio. Representing a $35 million investment, the facility has the capacity to produce 1 million slabs a year, enabling the manufacturer to serve some of the country's largest building product distributors and retailers. In recent years, Plastpro has expanded its offerings beyond entry doors to include PF Frames composite door jambs and PVC wainscott and trim board. Now headquartered in Los Angeles, Plastpro is an affiliate company JM Eagle, the PVC pipe producer. Walter Wang, Plastpro chairman who serves on Formosa's board, owns JM Eagle. Neuma Doors, which produces fiberglass patio door systems at a plant in Houston, Texas, is part of Formosa's Nan Ya Plastics Corp., which produces window and door frames and fiberglass products for numerous markets worldwide. In Canada, Nan Ya door products are distributed by Richersons Enterprise Ltd. The Formosa Plastics Group also has numerous chemical and manufacturing operations in the U.S., including PVC resin plants in Texas and Louisiana.<br /> <br /> JELD-WEN INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Klamath Falls, Ore. Employees: 20,000 Website: Product lines: Wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows and patio doors. Wood, steel, and composite entry doors. Interior doors. Millwork products. General information: Onex Corp., an investment company based in Toronto, Canada, acquired a 40 percent stake in Jeld-Wen last year, investing $871 million in the window and door manufacturer. The balance of the company continues to be owned by the trust of the late founder Richard Wendt, members of the Wendt family, Jeld-Wen employees and other existing shareholders. Onex' strategic guidance and experience combined with Jeld-Wen's strong balance sheet, brand and market position will enable the company to growth further and strengthen its competitive position, officials state. Overall, Jeld-Wen operates more than 100 locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. In North America, the company operates door manufacturing operations in Rocklin and San Diego, Calif.; Kissimmee, Fla.; Grinnell, Iowa; Ligonier, Ind.; Lexington, N.C.; and Chiloquin, Ore.; Pottsville, Pa.; Pataskala, Ohio; Sulphur Springs and Temple, Texas; and Ludlow and N. Springfield, Vt.; as well as St. Henri, Quebec in Canada. Door skins are produced at facilities in Dubuque, Iowa; Marion, N.C.; Klamath Falls, Ore.; White Swan, Wash.; and Craigsville, W.Va. Jeld-Wen window manufacturing operations are located in Vista, Calif.; Venice, Fla.; Rantoul, Ill., Grinnell, Iowa; Mount Vernon, Ohio; Bend and Stayton, Ore.; Ringtown, Pa.; and Hawkins, Wis.; as well as Winnepeg, Manitoba; Saint Appollinaire, Quebec; and Toronto, Ontario. The weak housing market during the past several years has had an impact on Jeld-Wen's operations. In 2011, it closed a window plant in Cheyenne, Wyo. That followed the closing of plants in Alabama, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin in recent years. In 2011, it also sold a Yakima, Wash. vinyl extrusion plant to Quanex Building Products. In other news, the window and door manufacturer aligned itself with the Portland Timbers, a new team in Major League Soccer. Jeld-Wen is now the official window and door provider to the team and the league and the Timbers now play at Jeld-Wen Field. More recently, Jeld-Wen announced plans to complete construction on $160 million interior door component plant in Louisiana. The project had been announced several years ago, but was put on hold with the housing downturn. Started in 1960, Jeld-Wen grew rapidly during the '90s with numerous acquisitions. In 2003, it launched a major re-branding initiative and now sells 27 former window and door brands under the Jeld-Wen name. Jeld-Wen's 2010 sales were estimated to be approximately $3.0 billion by Forbes Magazine, which ranked it 135th on its 2011 list of America's largest private companies.<br /> <br /> MASONITE INTERNATIONAL INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Tampa, Fla. Employees: 8,000 Website: Product lines: Steel, wood, fiberglass and composite entry and patio doors. Interior doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors. General information: After going through a financial restructuring process in 2009 to significantly reduce its debt, the global door maker has returned to its long-term strategy of expansion through acquisition. In 2011, it added Marshfield DoorSystems, a provider of doors and door components for commercial and architectural applications. Manufacturing doors since 1908, Marshfield employs approximately 600 people, with a primary facility in Marshfield, Wis., and two smaller locations in Greensboro, N.C. and Largo, Fla. Marshfield's 2010 revenue exceeded $100 million. Also in 2011, Masonite added Birchwood Best, a producer of commercial/architectural wood flush door skins based in Birchwood, Wis. Those additions followed the acquisition of five companies involved in door manufacture in 2010. In the U.S., Masonite added two interior door makers, Ledco, based in Shelbyville, Ky., and Lifetime Doors, based in Farmington Hills, Mich. In addition, Masonite acquired three different operations in India to become the first door company with a national footprint in that country, company officials report. In other 2011 news, Masonite announced plans to invest $14 million in a former Lifetime Door plant in Denmark, S.C., to create "a next-generation automated interior door production line and infrastructure." Originally known as Premdor, the door manufacturer was an active consolidator in the door industry in the 1990s, eventually acquiring the Masonite business from International Paper. The one-time public company went private in 2005, as it was acquired by Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts, a New York-based private equity firm. The company continues to operate on a global scale, with more than 50 manufacturing and distribution facilities in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa and serving customers in more than 70 countries. The manufacturer reported 2010 sales of $1.38 billion.<br /> <br /> PELLA CORP.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Pella, Iowa Employees: 7,100 Websites:, www. Product lines: Wood, vinyl, fiberglass window, patio door and entry door products, as well as steel entry doors. Architectural windows, curtain wall, storefronts and entrances. General information: A family run business dating back to 1925, Pella manufactures wood windows and patio doors in Pella, Carroll, Shenandoah, and Sioux Center, Iowa, and Macomb, Ill. Fiberglass and vinyl products are manufactured in Murray, Ky. Vinyl windows and patio doors are also manufactured in Gettysburg, Pa., and Portland, Ore., while entry door systems are produced in Wylie, Texas, as well as its headquarters facility in Pella. The manufacturer also owns Efco Corp., which manufactures architectural and commercial products in Monett, Mo. Pointing to continued weakness in new home construction, Pella announced plans to close a vinyl window plant in West Columbia, S.C., in 2011, and also closed an entry door plant in Fairfield, Ohio. Those moves followed previous closings of Story City, Iowa, and Tucson, Ariz., vinyl window plants in recent years. For 2011, Pella did add workers at its Kentucky plant to meet demand for its recently-launched 350 Series vinyl product line. Pella sells its products through a network of independently- owned Pella Window Stores, as well as company- owned sales branches in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Utah, and Toronto. Additionally, it offers its ProLine products through select lumber yards across the country, as well as a full line of products through Pella Design Centers located within Lowe's stores. In 2011, Pella was honored with the Governor's Iowa Environmental Excellence Award for its annual electronic recycling event held in its home town each Earth Day. At the beginning of 2012, the manufacturer launched new SmartSync technology, designed to enable window shades and blinds to be controlled through smart home systems.<br /> <br /> VKR HOLDING A/S<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Hoersholm, Denmark Employees: 14,900 Websites:,, Product lines: Skylights and roof windows. Wood, aluminum and vinyl windows and patio doors. Solar water heating systems. General information: Based in Denmark, VKR is the parent company of the Velux Group. The manufacturer of skylight and roof window products employs about 10,000 people and operates manufacturing operations in 11 countries, including the U.S., where it has a plant in Greenwood, S.C. In addition to Velux, VKR also owns three Canadian window and door manufacturers. Acquired in 2009, Gienow Windows & Doors is based in Calgary, Alberta, operating a 350,000-square-foot plant that produces wood and vinyl windows. Acquired with as part of the Gienow Group, Award Windows operates a 75,000-square-foot plant in Edmonton, Alberta, and specializes in triple-glazed high performance vinyl windows. In 2010, VKR added Loewen, which produces Douglas fir and mahogany windows and doors targeted at the luxury home market at its 567,000-squarefoot manufacturing plant in Alberta. Both Loewen and Gienow had previously been Top 100 Manufacturers in their own right. In Europe, VKR's Dovista Group of window and door manufacturing companies primarily make wood and wood/aluminum products. The group consists of 10 companies operating manufacturing plants in Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK. Dovista brands include Velfac, Rationel Vinduer, SP Fönster, Traryd Fönster, Mockfjärds Fönster, West Port, the Natre Group, O.H. Industri and Snidex. VKR also owns a number of manufacturers involved solar and thermal energy products, screens and blinds, and ventilation products. VKR reported total 2010 sales of about $2.9 billion.<br /> <br /> YKK AP INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan Employees: 17,000 Websites: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors for the new construction, replacement and impact markets. Commercial windows, doors, curtainwall and entrances, including blast and impact products. General information: A major global producer of commercial and residential windows and doors and one of the largest architectural products companies in the world, YKK reports annual sales of $8.7 billion worldwide, with its architectural products business accounting for slightly more than half the total. The company has operations in Japan, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. It established YKK AP America Inc. in 1991, initially focusing on the commercial market. It produces storefronts, entrances, curtain walls, windows, balcony doors and other products in Dublin, Ga. The company started in 2007 a residential business that targeted the Southeast market. Residential products, including the StyleView line of new construction vinyl windows and doors, and the Precedence line of replacement windows, are produced and distributed from its first U.S. residential plant located in Macon, Ga. With 17,000 employees globally, YKK AP reports that it employs between 500 and 1,000 people in the U.S. In 2011, YKK AP's residential plant achieved ISO 14001 certification, a standard for businesses that operate in a sustainable manner by reducing pollution and waste. While others in the residential window industry have had to close plants, YKK AP has continued a strong growth pattern with double digit revenue increases each year since its launch in 2007, officials note. In 2012, YKK AP has plans to expand its product offering, increase geographic reach, and estimates it will add 10 or more new employees.<br /> <br /> $500 Million to $1 Billion<br /> <br /> ATRIUM WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Employees: 4,000 Websites:,,,, Product lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and patio doors. Impact resistant products including windows, patio doors, fabric and shutters. Acoustic windows. Vinyl decking/railing products and patio enclosures. General information: Operating multiple manufacturing facilities and distribution centers throughout the country with a multi-channel distribution network, Atrium says it is the largest manufacturer of residential aluminum and vinyl windows and patio doors in North America. The company's flagship Atrium brand of windows and doors is produced in manufacturing plants in Dallas; Denver; Welcome, N.C.; Anaheim, Calif.; and Union Gap, Wash. Additional operations with dedicated distribution channels include Thermal Industries in Pittsburgh; Superior Windows & Doors in Ontario, Calif.; Danvid Door & Window and HR Windows in Dallas; Champion Window in Houston; Darby Door in Florence, Ala.; and North Star windows and doors in St. Tomas, Ontario, Canada. In order to reduce outstanding debt, Atrium filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and went through a restructuring process in 2010. As part of a restructuring plan, Atrium received a $125 million new equity investment from its long-time majority equity owner, Kenner & Co. Inc., and a new co-investor, Golden Gate Capital. As a result, it emerged from bankruptcy several months later with the resources "to take advantage of the eventual rebound in the housing market." With its strengthened financial position, Atrium announced expansion plans later in the year, adding a new 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility to extrude vinyl in Greenville, Texas. It also opened a new distribution warehouse in Sanford, Fla. In 2011, it consolidated some manufacturing operations. Production of Champion Window was moved from facilities in Houston to Atrium operations in Dallas.<br /> <br /> FORTUNE BRANDS HOME & SECURITY<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Deerfield, Ill. Employees: 4,000 Websites:,, Product lines: Fiberglass and steel entry doors and patio doors. Vinyl windows and patio doors. Synthetic trim and millwork components. General information: Fortune Brands Home & Security is the new parent company of Therma-Tru Doors and Simonton Windows. Previously, the two companies were part of Fortune Brands, but in 2011 that company was split into Beam Inc., a company focused on distilled spirits and wine, and Fortune Brands Home & Security. The new FBHS includes not only Simonton and Therma-Tru, but also Moen, Masterlock and several cabinet brands. In 2012, Therma-Tru is celebrating its 50th anniversary.<br /> <br /> The producer of fiberglass and steel residential exterior doors, as well as Fypon synthetic millwork, will also mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of its fiberglass door line this year. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Butler, Ind., and Matomoros, Mexico. In 2011, Therma-Tru took further steps to integrate Fypon, consolidating a Therma-Tru warehouse in Angola, Ind., as well as Fypon operations in Archbold, Ohio, into a new 350,000-square-foot facility in Howe, Ind. Fypon was acquired by Fortune Brands, along with Simonton Windows, in 2006. News from Simonton in 2011 included a move of its headquarters from Parkersburg, W.Va., to Columbus, Ohio. The vinyl window manufacturer maintains manufacturing operations in West Virginia, as well as window plants in Illinois and California. Due to the continued economic downturn, it closed a manufacturing plant in Macalester, Okla., last year. The companies making up the new FBHS had estimated sales of about $3.2 billion total in 2010, with the window and door business reporting sales of approximately $600 million for the same year.<br /> <br /> THE MARVIN COS.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Warroad, Minn. Employees: 4,500 Websites:,, Product lines: Wood and fiberglass windows and doors General information: President Barack Obama recognized Marvin this year as a good corporate citizen, praising the window and door manufacturer for maintaining a no-layoff policy throughout the economic downturn. The producer of Marvin Windows & Doors, Integrity Windows & Doors and Infinity Replacement Windows operates a 2 million-square-foot window manufacturing facility in Warroad, Minn., where it is based. Other wood window and door manufacturing operations include a 188,000-squarefoot cut stock plant in Baker City, Ore.; a door plant in Ripley, Tenn., covering 570,000 square feet; and a 256,000-square-foot window plant in Grafton, N.D. The Integrity unit, which produces wood/fiberglass and all-fiberglass products, has a 404,000-square-foot facility in Fargo, N.D.; a 207,000-square-foot facility in Roanoke, Va.; and a 205,000-square-foot -facility in W. Fargo, N.D. The company's Infinity fiberglass replacement window business operates a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in West Fargo, N.D. In 2010, Marvin expanded beyond windows and doors with the addition of the Apex fiberglass siding line. It also exited the wood entry door business, which it entered several years earlier with the purchase a door manufacturing operation in Honduras.<br /> <br /> PLY GEM<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Cary, N.C. Employees: 4,300 Websites:,,, Product lines: Vinyl, wood, wood-composite, aluminum, aluminum-clad and vinyl-clad windows and patio doors General information: The manufacturer of residential exterior building products operates two main business units, with siding, fencing and stone accounting for about 60 percent of Ply Gem's sales and windows and doors the other 40 percent. Previously manufacturing windows and doors under the Alenco, CWD, Great Lakes, Insulate, MW and Patriot brands, it now offers its wood, aluminum, vinyl and aluminum-clad products under the Ply Gem Windows, Great Lakes Window and Ply Gem Canada names. Selling its products through short-line and two-step distributors, pro dealers, home improvement dealers and big box retailers, Ply Gem operates window plants in Walbridge, Ohio; Rocky Mount, Va.; Bryan, Texas; Peachtree City, Ga.; Corona and Sacramento, Calif.; Auburn, Wash.; and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2011, Ply Gem introduced the Designed Exterior Collection, bringing together its various exterior building products to create homes in a variety of architectural styles. The manufacturer also expanded its R-5 options to meet Phase II requirements of the DOE's High Performance Windows Volume Purchase Program and also launched the Great Lakes ecoSmart line of high-performance products targeted at the replacement market. Owned by CI Capital Partners LLC, a New York-based private equity firm, Ply Gem announced plans to go public in 2010, but it has not set a date for its IPO. For its 2010 fiscal year, Ply Gem recorded total annual sales of about $995 million.<br /> <br /> $300 Million to $500 Million<br /> <br /> ASSOCIATED MATERIALS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Employees: 3,100 Websites:,,, Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors. Other product lines include vinyl siding, fencing, and other products. General information: Marketing vinyl windows under the Alside, Alpine, Gentek and Revere brand names, Associated Materials produces windows in a 577,000-square-foot plant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (which also produces vinyl siding, decking and fencing); a 159,000-square-foot plant in Bothell, Wash.; a 128,000-square-foot plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; a 319,000-square-foot plant in Kinston, N.C.; a 60,000-square-foot plants in London, Ontario, Canada; and a 220,000-square-foot window manufacturing plant in Yuma, Ariz. It also produces vinyl window extrusions at a facility in W. Salem, Ohio. Also manufacturing a variety of other exterior building products, Associated Materials sells its products on a wholesale basis to more than 50,000 independent contractors through a network of 125 supply centers and approximately 250 independent distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Associated Materials reported total sales of $1.17 billion and vinyl windows sales of approximately $433 million for its 2010 fiscal year. In 2011, the company opened new Alside Supply Centers in Toledo, Ohio; Austin, Texas; Aurora, Ill.; and Evansville, Ind. It also introduced the new Sheffield II window line for the West Coast. In 2010, Hellman & Friedman LLC, a private equity firm with offices in San Francisco, New York and London, purchased Associated Materials from Harvest Partners and Investcorp S.A. in a transaction valued at approximately $1.3 billion.<br /> <br /> CHAMPION WINDOW & PATIO ROOM CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio Employees: 1,700 Website: Product lines: Vinyl replacement windows, vinyl siding, patio rooms and porch enclosures, steel and fiberglass prime doors, and sliding patio doors. General information: Selling direct to the homeowner, Champion now operates more than 70 showrooms in 31 states. The company manufactures its products at two locations. In Sharonville, Ohio, Champion has a 500,000-square-foot manufacturing campus with capacity for 5,000 custom windows per week. Champion's Denver plant is capable of producing 1,000 custom windows per week. The company also operates its own trucking unit, Champion Logistics. In 2012 Champion launched the Colorbond and Timber-bond processes, which enables it to offer custom exterior colors and interior woodgrains on windows. Custom colors and finished interior woodgrain options now account for more than 20 percent of window orders, it reports. In addition to its high-performance Comfort 365 Glass technology, Champion has also launched Dynamic Comfort 365 glass which allows homeowners to lighten and darken the tint of the glass in their patio room with the push of a button. The new dynamic glazing option, which allows for increased comfort by reducing the glare and light penetration in the patio room, is expected to be installed in approximately 10 of the patio rooms Champion manufactures on an annual basis. Founded in 1953, the manufacturer ranked second in Replacement Contractor's 2011 Replacement 100 list of the largest replacement contractors with reported 2010 revenue of $317 million. Champion moves up from the Top 100's $200 million to $300 million sales range category this year to the $300 million to $500 million category.<br /> <br /> HARVEY BUILDING PRODUCTS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Waltham, Mass. Employees: 1,250 Website: Product lines: Vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows. Steel and fiberglass entry doors. Acoustical windows. Patio rooms. General information: A manufacturer and distributor, Harvey has been family owned and operated since 1961 and celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The company manufactures windows, doors and patio rooms at its 350,000-square- foot plant in Londonderry, N.H., opened in 2007, as well a plant in Dartmouth, Mass. It also distributes a full line of wholesale building products to industry professionals throughout the Northeast, operating 33 branches and 13 product showrooms in nine states. Among the lines distributed by Harvey are vinyl siding, roofing, windows and doors, produced by such industry-leading names as CertainTeed, Alcoa/Mastic, James Hardie, Tamko, GAF/ Elk, Therma-Tru, Andersen, Velux and Azek. Recent product introductions include the Crystal Achievement Award-winning vinyl windows featuring the BetterGrain woodgrain finish, custom PVC trim and moulding, and the Climate Defense System home envelope system.<br /> <br /> MASCO CORP.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Taylor, Mich. Employees: 3,000 Websites:, Product lines: Aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass windows and doors. General information: Masco operations include Milgard Windows & Doors, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. One of the largest manufacturer of windows and doors on the West Coast, Milgard consolidated operations somewhat in 2011. It closed plants in Hollister, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz., shifting production to other facilities. The company also closed its manufacturing facility in Illinois, opting to pull out of some Midwest markets. With the changes, Milgard now operates manufacturing and service facilities in Tacoma, Wash.; Sacramento, Simi Valley and Temecula, Calif.; Tualatin, Ore.; Las Vegas; Denver; and Salt Lake City. Officials point out that the company also continues to expand into new markets, most notably Texas and Western Canada. The manufacturer of aluminum, vinyl, and all-fiberglass products has expanded its product line as well. In 2011, it continued to roll out its Crystal Achievement Award winning Essence window line, combining a solid wood interior with a fiberglass exterior. Masco Corp., which purchased Milgard in 2001, also owns Cambrian Windows Ltd., Premier Manufacturing Ltd. and Griffin Windows Ltd., as well as three UK window manufacturers. The window operations, as well as other non-window business units, are part of Masco's specialty products unit, which reported 2010 sales of $600 million. With total 2010 sales of about $7.6 billion, Masco owns a variety of building product companies as well, including KraftMaid and Merrilat cabinets, Delta Faucet, and Behr Paints. It also operates Masco Contractor Services, which offers installation services to builders throughout the country, and WellHome, which provides energy efficiency upgrade services to homeowners.<br /> <br /> MI WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Gratz, Pa. Employees: 1,000 Website: Product lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and doors. General information: MI operates coast-to-coast as a vertically-integrated manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum products, serving the new construction, replacement and light commercial markets from plants in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. In 2011, the company launched a new casement window platform designed for superior thermal performance and incorporating new upgrade features. MI also launched the MI EnergyCore Window System from its Prescott Valley, Ariz.-facility. The product line uses unique Air- Cell PVC frame technology, as well as high-performance glass to offer upgraded performance. The company used an iPad application and social media as vehicles to announce and support the launch of the new line. The construction downturn has taken a toll on the company. In 2010, MI closed a manufacturing plant in Van Alstyne, Texas. That move followed the closing of a North Carolina plant in 2009 and an Indiana facility in 2008. With a 60-year history in the building product category, MI got its start as Metal Industries, manufacturing screens in an old airplane hangar in Clearwater, Fla. It first began manufacturing storm windows in 1972, storm doors in 1974, then introduced vinyl replacement windows in 1981. It also owns General Aluminum Corp., a window manufacturer in Carrollton, Texas, and produces CertainTeed brand windows for the Eastern half of the U.S. MI's parent company is J.T. Walker Industries, is also the parent company of RiteScreen, the screen manufacturing operation based in Elizabethville, Pa.<br /> <br /> WOODGRAIN MILLWORK INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Fruitland, Idaho Employees: 5,000 Websites:, Product lines: Wood and aluminum-clad windows and doors, cellular PVC windows, and vinyl windows and doors. Pine doors and mouldings. General information: With more than 50 years in the millwork business, Woodgrain's operations produces exterior windows and doors, interior wood doors and a variety of millwork products. The company got its start in 1954 in Cedar City, Utah, adding manufacturing operations, including a pine door plant in Nampa, Idaho. Woodgrain acquired Windsor Windows & Doors in 1987. Based in W. Des Moines, Iowa, the company manufactures wood, vinyl, cellular vinyl and hybrid products, employing more than 700 people. It has two manufacturing facilities totaling 340,000 square feet in Iowa, as well as a second manufacturing facility in Monroe, N.C., with 200,000 square feet of production space. Also part of Woodgrain's window and door division is Atrium Doors. The wood patio door producer, acquired in 2000, employs more than 100 people at its 100,000-square-foot facility located in Greenville, Texas. More recent Woodgrain acquisitions include Monarch Windows & Doors, based in Anniston, Ala., in 2007. Woodgrain describes itself as one of the largest millwork companies in the world, and the company consists of five divisions with more than 29 manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the United States and South America, and vertically integrated forest operations in South America, as well as a joint-venture plant in Los Angeles, Chile, that produces radiata pine doors. Woodgrain produces a variety of millwork and prefinished components, including interior and exterior door frames.<br /> <br /> $200 Million to $300 Million<br /> <br /> THE ATIS GROUP INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada Employees: 1,600 Websites:,,,, www.,, Product lines: Clad wood, wood, PVC, and aluminum windows. Steel and wood doors. General information: The Quebec-based company owns and operates 11 plants across Canada with 800,000 square feet of production, warehouse and retail space. Although quiet in 2011, it expanded in 2010 with the purchase of Allsco Building Products, a window and door manufacturer based in Moncton, New Brunswick. Shortly thereafter, it turned its attention to the middle of the country, adding Vinylbilt Window Systems, based in Vaughan, Ontario. In addition to Allsco in the Maritimes, the group's Eastern Canadian operations include Laflamme Doors & Windows, which operates a 120,000-square-foot plant in St, Appolinaire, Quebec, producing clad-wood windows and doors, all PVC windows and steel entry doors. Also based in Quebec are Solarcan, Unicell, Melco and Vimat, which produce vinyl and aluminum products for both the residential and commercial markets. The Atis Group's Western Canadian operations include Allied Windows and Phoenix Glass in British Columbia and Bestway in Alberta. Cyprium Partners, a Cleveland-based private equity firm, is a leading investor in the Atis Group.<br /> <br /> BUILDERS' FIRSTSOURCE<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Employees: 3,000 Website: Product lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows. Prehung interior and exterior doors. General information: Builders FirstSource operates in nine states in the southern and eastern United States, with 51 distribution centers and 44 manufacturing facilities. Those facilities include two window manufacturing plants in Houston – one producing a complete line of aluminum windows and low-E insulating glass products and a second operation manufacturing a complete line of vinyl windows. It also operates 19 millwork facilities, including prehanging operations for interior and exterior doors. Builders FirstSource also distributes windows, interior doors and exterior doors from other manufacturers. Like other companies focusing on the residential new construction market, the distributor and manufacturer saw significant sales decreases in recent years. However, its 2010 sales totaled about $700 million, up over 3 percent from $678 million in 2009, and the publicly-traded company reported further increases in 2011. According to a recent investor presentation annual report, windows, doors, and millwork products accounted for about 30 percent of its total annual sales.<br /> <br /> MODERN BUILDERS SUPPLY INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Toledo, Ohio Employees: 600 Websites:, Product lines: Vinyl windows, wood windows, steel and fiberglass entry doors, shutters. General information: With 26 branches in Ohio and its surrounding states, MBS is a distributor of building materials, as well as a manufacturer of vinyl windows, steel and fiberglass doors, shutters, fencing, and decking products marketed under the Polaris Technologies name. First entering the vinyl window business in 1979, the company launched began designing and manufacturing its own products in 1990. The company currently operates two manufacturing plants in Boardman and Austintown, Ohio, which total more than 400,000 square feet. Polaris distributes its products in 38 states, selling through outside accounts, as well as through MBS distribution locations. In addition to Polaris products, MBS branches distribute windows and doors from numerous other leading manufacturers.<br /> <br /> THE SCHIELD FAMILY COS.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Medford, Wis. Employees: 1,900 Websites:,,,, Product lines: Wood and vinyl windows and patio doors. Entry doors. General information: The Schield Family Cos. include Weather Shield Manufacturing, SNE Enterprises and Peachtree Doors, which together produce windows and patio doors under the Weather Shield, Peachtree, Visions and Crestline brand names. Based in Medford, Wis., the companies operate manufacturing facilities in Medford, Ladysmith, Park Falls, and Mosinee, Wis.; and Logan, Utah. Continuing to struggle with the economic downturn, the company recently announced it would close its 660,000-square-foot plant in Mosinee. In 2008, the company closed a one-time Peachtree plant in Douglasville, Ga., with patio and entry door production moved to Park Falls. Also closed was a one-time SNE plant located in Huntington, W. Va. Recent activity includes development of products with superior energy efficiency, including a fiberglass-clad wood window line and Zo-e-shield high performance glass packages.<br /> <br /> $100 Million to $200 Million<br /> <br /> ALL WEATHER WINDOWS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Employees: 800 Website: Product lines: Wood, metal-clad and PVC windows and doors General information: With headquarters and manufacturing operations in Edmonton, All Weather Windows is a Canadian window and door manufacturer with operations coast to coast and branches in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. As a result of continued growth and demand in Eastern Canada, the company recently moved its Ontario manufacturing operations into a larger facility. The new location also houses a new showroom. With 1,000 dealer locations across Canada, the company produces a full range of window and door products builders, contractors and homeowners. The company has been recognized as one of Canada's Top 50 Best Managed Companies and the 2010 and 2011 Energy Star Manufacturer of the Year by Natural Resources Canada.<br /> <br /> CMI<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Chicago, Ill. Employees: 700 Website: Product lines: Interior molded doors and interior molded door panel designs. Exterior trim and MDF panels. General information: With a heritage in the building products industry that dates back to 1968, CMI manufactures and markets three product lines for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, including CraftMaster interior doors, MiraTec treated exterior composite trim and Extira treated exterior panels. The company's manufacturing operations includes a state-of-the- art facility located in Towanda, Pa., which produces molded door designs (facings), trim and panels, as well as door-manufacturing facilities in Christiansburg, Va., Ozark, Ala., Garland, Texas, and Plainfield, Ill. CMI is also an equity investor in Jilin Fudun Timber Company Ltd., a manufacturer of particleboard, door facings and related products, located in Dunhua, Jilin Province, China. Fudun is said to be one of the largest and most respected timber and wood products companies in China. CMI's manufacturing presence in China is aimed at helping the company grow its international molded interior door business, particularly in Asia, India and the Middle East, while better positioning CMI for the domestic new construction market recovery.<br /> <br /> FOUR SEASONS SOLAR PRODUCTS LLC<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Holbrook, N.Y. Employees: 311 Website: Product lines: Sunrooms, conservatories, and patio covers. Replacement windows and doors. General information: Serving more than 300 independent franchise and dealer customers, the longtime manufacturer of sunrooms, patio rooms and conservatories has expanded its product range in recent years to include energy-saving replacement windows and doors. To support these efforts, the company also recently introduced the Four Seasons Home Products brand. Its 220,000-square-foot facility in Holbrook, N.Y., was expanded in 2009 for window production, and now is equipped with a fully-operational vinyl window manufacturing line, with new equipment added recently to increase efficiency. In addition to its New York facility, Four Seasons operates a distribution facility on the West Coast, as well as 14 corporate retail outlets. Founded in 1975, Four Seasons was acquired in 2006 by the Latium Group, a UK-based company. For 2012, Four Seasons plans to expand into the kitchen business at its retail locations.<br /> <br /> KINRO INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Arlington, Texas Employees: 1,500 Websites:, Product lines: Windows and doors for the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries General information: Kinro, a manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows and doors, serves the manufactured housing industry from plants in Double Springs, Ala.; Phoenix; Cairo, Ga.; Nampa, Idaho; Goshen, Ind.; Liberty, N.C.; Dayton, Tenn.; Mansfield, Texas; and Chester, S.C. It added the South Carolina plant in 2010, moving into to a former Philips Products facility. Kinro also has window and door plants servicing the recreational vehicle industry in Fontana, Calif., and Bristol, Elkhart, and Goshen, Ind. In addition to windows and doors, Kinro produces bathtubs, showers and other parts for the recreational vehicles. Drew reported total sales of $628 million for the year ending September 2011. Windows and doors for manufactured housing were said to account for $55 million and $116 million were attributed to RV windows and doors.<br /> <br /> KOLBE & KOLBE MILLWORK INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Wausau, Wis. Employees: 1,600 Website: Product lines: Wood windows and doors. Vinyl windows and doors. Fiberglass doors. Wood interior doors. General information: Continuing to expand its product range with the addition of a folding door system and a new beveled direct set line, as well as several new product options, Kolbe & Kolbe was founded in 1946 by brothers Herb and Ervin Kolbe and celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2011. The company produces wood and clad wood products at facilities occupying more than 1 million square feet of space in Wausau, Wis. It also has a plant in Manawa, Wis., which has been manufacturing vinyl windows and patio doors for more than 10 years. In 2008, Kolbe & Kolbe added Point Five Windows, based in Fort Collins, Colo. That company manufactures custom, wood windows and doors for the ultra highend residential market and light commercial projects.<br /> <br /> LARSON MANUFACTURING CO.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Brookings, S.D. Employees: 1,500 Website: Product lines: Aluminum and wood-core storm doors. Storm windows and retractable screen doors. General information: The company reports it is the largest manufacturer of storm doors and windows in the country. The company has manufacturing plants in Brookings, S.D.; Lake Mills and Clear Lake, Iowa; and Mocksville, N.C. It distributes its products through 10 distribution centers across the United States.<br /> <br /> ODL INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Zeeland, Mich. Employees: 1,100 Website: Product lines: Doorlites, decorative glass products and skylights. Entry door blinds and retractable screens. Patio doors. General information: Founded in 1945 as Artcraft Novelty Shop, the company developed the first prefabricated door window and changed its name to Ottawa Door Lights in the 1950s. In the late 70's, it changed its name again to ODL, to reflect its expanding product lines. In the 1980s, the company entered the skylight business, which led to the acquisition of Gordon Skylights in California, and also began selling decorative doorlites. Today, ODL has manufacturing locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. It has distribution centers in Zeeland, Mich.; Atlanta; Dallas; Reno, Nev.; Allentown, Pa.; Matamoros, Mexico; Toronto and Calgary, Canada, as well as the UK. Serving building material dealers and home center retailers nationwide, ODL most recently expanded its offerings with the introduction of the Array variable light-control doorlite.<br /> <br /> PGT INDUSTRIES<br /> <br /> Headquarters: N. Venice, Fla. Employees: 1,100 Website: Product lines: PGT aluminum and vinyl windows and doors, WinGuard impact-resistant windows and doors, Eze-Breeze sliding panels and PGT architectural systems General information: PGT announced the consolidation of its manufacturing operations at the end of 2010, moving production to its 485,000-square-foot manufacturing and headquarters facility in Florida and closing its North Carolina plant. Founded in 1980, PGT was a pioneer in the development of impact-resistant window and doors, growing in prominence after Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida in 1992. For the second year in a row last year, PGT was recognized with a Window & Door Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Door. The company's vinyl PremierVue SGD 2770/2870 and the WinGuard 570 can be built in configurations of up to eight panels on four tracks offering up to 40 foot panoramic views. A publicly-traded company, PGT reported 2010 sales of $175 million.<br /> <br /> SIERRA PACIFIC WINDOWS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Anderson, Calif. Employees: 4,400 Website: Product lines: Wood and aluminum-clad wood windows and doors. General information: The manufacturer of wood and aluminum-clad wood windows and doors offers products in Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir. Sierra Pacific Windows services the 11 Western states from its manufacturing facility in Red Bluff, Calif. Its parent company is Sierra Pacific Industries, which owns or manages about 1.9 million acres of forest land in California and Washington and says it is the second largest lumber producer in the U.S., employing more than 4,400 people. In addition to finished windows and doors, the parent company also produces a variety of millwork products, supplying wood window and door components to other manufacturers.<br /> <br /> STARLINE WINDOWS LTD.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Langley, British Columbia, Canada Employees: 950 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors. Thermally- broken aluminum windows and patio doors. Window wall systems and balcony doors. General information: Starline, family owned and operated since 1970, services the western North American residential markets, single family to high-rise, from Alaska to California. From its British Columbia base, the company operates with more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and seven distribution and sales branches.<br /> <br /> STEVES & SONS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas Employees: 850 Website: Product lines: Interior flush and molded doors. Interior wood stile-and-rail and MDF doors. Exterior steel flush and molded doors, exterior fiberglass flush and molded doors in smooth, textured paint grade and textured stain grade styles. Premium exterior wood doors. General information: In 2011, Steves & Sons acquired the assets of Advantage Millwork and began the production of premium exterior mahogany, knotty alder and oak wood doors. The line includes many different door and glass designs now being produced in a new facility in San Antonio. The manufacturer also installed a new pre-finishing line that has the ability to paint and or stain both interior and exterior door product. Steves & Sons operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Lebanon, Tenn., and Richmond, Va., servicing both interior and exterior door customers across most of the U.S. In its sixth generation of family leadership, the company traces its long history back to 1866, when it got its start in the lumber business in San Antonio, Texas. Steves & Sons began manufacturing millwork products in 1904, entering the stile-and-rail doors business. In the '50s, Steves & Sons entered the flush and molded interior door manufacturing business and later set up Crest Doors as a separate company to produce exterior entry doors. The Crest exterior door company was fully integrated into the Steves & Sons business in 2009 and today produces a full line of both steel and fiberglass exterior doors in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in San Antonio. $75 Million to $100 Million<br /> <br /> CASCADE WINDOWS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Liberty Lake, Wash. Employees: 310 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors General information: Headquartered near Spokane, Wash., Cascade operates manufacturing plants in Washington, Oregon and Utah. It expanded in 2011 with the addition in of Empire Pacific Windows. Operating a state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot facility in Tualatin, Ore., Empire Pacific was previously a Top 100 manufacturer on its own. Cascade Windows was founded in 1989 as Window Products Inc. Its network of dealers and distributors covers the Western U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition, Cascade also enjoys business in such international markets as western Canada, Australia, South Korea and Mexico. Maintaining focus on quality, increasing market penetration and product line expansion, Cascade has grown both organically and through the addition of other window companies. In addition to Empire Pacific, Cascade's previous acquisitions include McVay Manufacturing in Washington and Utah's Avante Windows in 2002. Cascade also added LbL Windows, based in Troutdale, Ore., in 2009. Cascade serves both the new construction and replacement markets with its broad product offering and wide market coverage.<br /> <br /> THE NOVATECH GROUP<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Ste. Julie, Quebec, Canada Employees: 475 Websites: Product lines: Steel and fiberglass entry doors, PVC garden and sliding doors. Decorative and standard doorlites, as well as venting and mini-blind units. Retractable screens. Custom glass. General information: Quebec-based Novatech expanded in Europe in 2011, opening a custom steel door panel manufacturing and distribution facility in Roanne, France. The move follows on the 2010 acquisition of Résiver Patio Doors, a specialty manufacturer of patio doors, including sliding and hinged PVC, wood, aluminum and hybrid products. Like Novatech, it serves door pre-hanger and window manufacturers. Founded in 1982, the Novatech Group is a vertically-integrated company that fabricates glass, makes doorlites, manufactures steel and fiberglass doors, and extrudes and fabricates PVC operating in facilities that combined cover an area of more than 500,000 square feet. Focusing on door glass initially, the company diversified into manufacturing of PVC patio and garden doors in 1998. In 2003, the company began manufacturing steel entry doors and launched its fiberglass door business in 2007. The company now operates five facilities in its home town of Ste-Julie, Quebec. At its headquarters facility, it makes clear glass doorlites, venting units, integrated retractable mini-blinds, and decorative V-groove glass. Its Vernova Creations unit produces interior and exterior decorative glass doorlites, and also performs tempering, bevelling and glass cutting operations. Opened in 2002, Novatech Doors produces steel and fiberglass doors in its Quebec home town as well. Novaprofil Plastics houses extrusion and assembly of PVC components. Novaform bends PVC and hybrid window profiles and produces custom PVC door transom frames. In St-Agapit, Quebec, its Novavision unit produces retractable screens. Résiver operates two manufacturing sites in Beauceville, Quebec, and one in Kelowna, British Columbia.<br /> <br /> THE WINDOW DESIGNS GROUP<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada Employees: 450 Websites:,,,,, Product lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows. PVC extrusions and window systems. PVC California shutters. General information: The Window Designs Group is a conglomerate of interlocking companies, located in Woodbridge and Vaughan, Ontario. It also has co-owns operations in Calgary, Alberta and Jamaica. The company sells products under the Vinyl Window Designs, Aluminum Window Designs, Performance Windows, Performance Shutters and Majestic Windows trade names.<br /> <br /> $50 Million to $75 Million<br /> <br /> AMSCO WINDOWS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah Employees: 300 Website: Product lines: Vinyl and composite windows and doors. General information: Originally Aluminum Manufacturing and Supply Co., Amsco celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009. Operating a 500,000-square-foot plant, the company has focused on expanding it dealer base beyond the Intermountain West in recent years. In addition to promoting its own window and door products, the company is also now offering ProVia entry doors.<br /> <br /> CROFT LLC*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: McComb, Miss. Employees: 500 Website: Product lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and doors. General information: Supplying distributors, lumber yards and home improvement stores throughout the continental United States, Croft operates a 600,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Mississippi. It moved there more than 50 years ago, after getting its start in 1920 in Jamestown, N.Y.<br /> <br /> CRYSTAL WINDOW & DOOR SYSTEMS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Flushing, N.Y. Employees: 407 Website: Product lines: Residential vinyl windows and sliding patio doors. Commercial aluminum windows, patio doors and curtain wall systems. General information: The founder/owner and president of New York-based Crystal Windows kicked off 2012 with the announcement that he has started Crystal Pacific Windows & Doors in Riverside, Calif. Having purchased the assets of Malibu Window & Door, he plans to build a new business manufacturing vinyl windows and doors for the Southern California, Nevada and Arizona markets. Manufacturing an increasingly broad range of residential, commercial and architectural products, Crystal Windows in New York kicked off its third decade last year by introducing a new corporate logo. The firm's 215,000-square-foot headquarters/ manufacturing facility in New York City welcomed a number of dignitaries last year as well, including U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and senior executives from the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and the New York City Economic Development Corp. The company also manufactures windows at the 80,000-square-foot plant of its affiliate in Chicago. Overall, Crystal operates sales branches, subsidiaries and affiliates in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Crystal also has a number of building product and service subsidiaries including Helios Energy Systems, which is focused on solar photovoltaic electric power.<br /> <br /> CUSTOM WINDOW SYSTEMS INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Ocala, Fla. Employees: 270 Website: Product lines: Impact and nonimpact vinyl windows and doors. General information: CWS was founded in 1986 by John Cwik manufacturing porch enclosure products, then moving into windows and doors for new construction and replacement. The company, which moved into its current 245,000-square-foot plant in 2006, now focuses on energy efficient, high-performance PVC windows and doors.<br /> <br /> DURABUILT WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Employees: 450 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows. Aluminum-clad PVC and aluminum/PVC/wood hybrid windows. Fiberglass and steel entry, patio and garden door systems. General information: Servicing the industry since 1988, Durabuilt is one of Western Canada's leading manufacturers of windows and doors with a 180,000-squarefoot head office and production facility in Edmonton. In 2011, Durabuilt became the first window and door manufacturer in Canada to achieve IMS (Integrated Management Systems) Certification which is accredited when three critical management systems are voluntarily implemented and audited: ISO 9001–Quality, ISO 14001–Environmental and OHSAS 18001 –Health & Safety, the company reports. IMS Certification is said to demonstrate Durabuilt's commitment to key stakeholders– employees and customers–reinforcing the value they place on their safety, the environment and sound management practices. Looking to 2012, the company plans to continuing to research, develop and introduce new products, and also launch DuraQuote 360, an intuitive quoting software system designed to support the company's growing dealer network. With sales operations in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the company supplies products to dealers, homeowners and others in the renovation, new home and commercial markets.<br /> <br /> ELIXIR INDUSTRIES*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Mission Viejo, Calif. Employees: 600 Website: Product lines: Exterior door units for residential and factory-built housing, recreational vehicles and cargo trailers. Single, French, patio, utility and other custom doors. General information: Serving numerous industries with fabricated aluminum and steel products, Elixir produces door slabs and doors for the manufactured housing industry, as well as trailers, portable buildings and other markets at its facility in Douglas, Ga. Vinyl windows for factory-built homes, as well as the residential new construction and replacement markets are made in Crossville, Tenn. The company also operates facilities in Elkhart, Ind.; Reidsville, N.C.; Tuscumbia, Ala.; Mesa, Ariz.; Leola, Pa.; and Waco, Texas.<br /> <br /> FARLEY WINDOOR LTD.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Alexandria, Ontario, Canada Employees: 450 Websites:, Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors. Metal-clad vinyl windows. Steel and fiberglass entry systems. General information: The Farley Group of companies operates in Canada and the Northeast U.S. selling products primarily under the Farley Windows & Doors, Bonneville Solutions and Greenview Windows & Doors brands. In 2011, the company added new colors and triple-pane glass for its Farley and Greenview lines. In 2012, the company plans further product enhancements for these brands with the launch of an extruded aluminum/PVC hybrid casement line. Said to provide significant advantages over existing aluminum-clad wood products, the hybrid is the fastest growing product segment in the company's Bonneville line, it reports. In January 2012, the company announced the transfer of its window production in St. Joseph, Quebec, to its Alexandria, Ontario, location. This consolidation will allow the company to create a center of excellence for window production, it states. The group's Levis, Quebec, plant continues to manufacture steel and fiberglass entrance systems. Farley is a portfolio company of Sankaty Advisors, a private equity group based in Boston.<br /> <br /> HURD WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Medford, Wis. Employees: 600 Websites:, Product lines: Wood and clad-wood windows and patio doors for residential and commercial applications. Vinyl windows and doors. Lines include products for new construction, remodeling, historic, commercial and impact markets. General information: Hurd started off 2011 with the acquisition of SuperSeal Manufacturing Co. Inc., a 50-yearold vinyl window maker based in South Plainfield, N.J. Last summer, Hurd then moved to expand vinyl production with a new facility Merrill, Wis., part of a plan to make Superseal a national vinyl brand. With the beginning of 2012, Hurd announced it would turn Superseal's New Jersey facility into a distribution operation, and move all vinyl production to its home base in Wisconsin, taking advantage of existing transit lines and more advanced equipment at the new operation. Hurd also just announced plans to partner with Arizona-based Vista Pointe Architectural Systems to add multi-panel door systems to its product line. Based in Medford, Hurd has a 90-year tradition of building custom wood windows and doors, and today sells its products through more than 400 distributors in the United States and Canada, and in 20 countries worldwide. Hurd is owned by HWD Acquisition Inc., which was formed in 2008 by Longroad Asset Management, a Connecticut-based private equity firm to acquire the Hurd assets from Monarch Holdings. Under the new ownership, Hurd not only expanded into vinyl window product, it has also invested in a multimillion, multi-phase renovation and upgrade of the company's manufacturing operations in Wisconsin.<br /> <br /> PETER KOHLER WINDOWS & ENTRANCE SYSTEMS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Debert, Nova Scotia Employees: 325 Websites:,, Product lines: Vinyl and vinyl/wood windows and doors. Steel and fiberglass entry systems. General information: Operating under the Peter Kohler Windows & Entrance Systems name in Atlantic Canada and Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems in the U.S. and all other markets, the manufacturer sells products throughout Atlantic Canada, down the Eastern U.S. seaboard to Georgia, and in Iceland, Bermuda and the UK. The largest window and door manufacturer in the Atlantic Canada region, Peter Kohler operates a total of more than 130,000 square feet of space at its two Nova Scotia locations. The manufacturer acquired Equibuilt Windows in 2008, expanding into Western Canada. The Edmonton, Alberta-based vinyl window and door producer originally served Alberta and Northwest Territories, and now sells its products in Saskatchewan and in the Northwest U.S as well.<br /> <br /> PROVIA<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Sugarcreek, Ohio Employees: 385 Website: Product lines: Steel and fiberglass entry and patio doors. Vinyl and composite replacement windows. Aluminum storm doors. Vinyl patio doors. General information: ProVia expanded its exterior products portfolio in 2011 with the acquisition of Heritage Stone, a manufacturer of stone products based in Zanesville, Ohio. The addition follows up on ProVia's entry into the siding business in 2009 with the purchase of the assets of Heartland Building Products. Other 2011 initiatives included the launch of the Aeris Collection of vinyl and composite replacement windows. Sold through exclusive independent dealers, the line is designed to provide both high performance and an array of design options, including a real wood interior. The new window line follows up the 2009 introduction of the Signet line of fiberglass doors. ProVia produces residential entry door systems at its Walnut Creek, Ohio, facility, while its Sugarcreek, Ohio, facility produces aluminum storm doors and windows, and vinyl replacement windows and patio doors. In Baltic, Ohio, it operates a facility that supplies insulating glass and Inspirations Art Glass to its other two facilities. The company's operations total 326,000 square feet and the firm has its own fleet of trucks serving distributors and dealers throughout the East Coast and into the Midwest, along with parts of the West. Known previously as Precision Entry, ProVia was recognized for five consecutive years with the Energy Star Sustained Excellence award for door manufacturing. The Ohio company has also been recognized by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a Star participant in the Voluntary Protection Program.<br /> <br /> QUAKER WINDOW PRODUCTS CO. INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Freeburg, Mo. Employees: 425 Website: Product lines: Aluminum, vinyl, and wood-clad windows and patio doors. Aluminum storm windows. General information: In the middle of an $11 million expansion plan scheduled to spread out over a five-year period, Quaker Window Products "continues to exude long-term stability." The manufacturer of wood, aluminum and vinyl products added an 18,000-square-foot warehouse in 2011 and currently adding a 110,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art paint facility to be completed in 2012. Going into its 63rd year, the company recently introduced a DP-50 rated vinyl product line and impact rated aluminum products.<br /> <br /> SIMPSON DOOR CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: McCleary, Wash. Employees: 200 Website: Product lines: Wood stile and rail interior and exterior doors. General information: In 2011, Simpson Door rolled out the Nantucket Collection, a new line of exterior doors featuring all wood construction and engineered for durability. Established in 1912, the manufacturer of wood stile and-rail doors reports it has a production capacity of approximately 3,000 doors per day, or roughly 720,000 doors per year, at its Washington plant. Simpson reports it can make doors of virtually any size, shape, design or wood species, including custom, one-of-a-kind doors.<br /> <br /> SUNRISE WINDOWS LTD.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Temperance, Mich. Employees: 250 Website: Product lines: High-performance, custom replacement windows and doors distributed under the Sunrise, Vanguard, Verde, Restorations and Essentials brand names. General information: In 2011, Sunrise introduced a new casement and awning line designed to provide both a high level of energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty. Sunrise operates a production facility in Michigan with more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space to serve its network of dealers in 35 states. Founded in 1994, the vinyl replacement window manufacturer has consistently focused on offering high-performance products and numerous options. Sunrise currently produces five product lines and offers 21 color combinations of four woodgrains and five exterior colors, as well as options like simulated divided lites and SunBlinds mini-blinds between the glass and geometric shapes produced in its own plant. The company attributes continued market growth to being on the leading edge of industry trends, progressive marketing programs, and advanced retail sales training. Sunrise is partially owned by The Riverside Co., a Cleveland-based private equity firm that acquired a stake in the company from FdG Associates, a New York-based firm, in 2010.<br /> <br /> THOMPSON CREEK WINDOW CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Lanham, Md. Employees: 391 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors, siding and gutters. General information: Founded in 1980, Thompson Creek manufactures and installs vinyl windows, doors, gutter systems and siding, serving the Mid-Atlantic region. Last year saw continued growth, as well as change. Just a few years after moving into an 80,000-square-foot facility in Landover, Md., increasing customer demand required that relocation of corporate offices to provide more production space. In 2011, the manufacturer moved all corporate and professional offices to a new facility in Lanham, Md., where it also added a new showroom. The company also remodeled its existing manufacturing operations to increase capacity. Thompson Creek ranked number eight on the 2011 Replacement 100 list of the largest replacement contractors with estimated 2011 revenues of $62 million. The magazine also recognized the company with the Replacement Contractor Service Excellence Award.<br /> <br /> WINCORE WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Parkersburg, W.Va. Employees: 300 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, patio doors, fiberglass entry doors General information: The vinyl window manufacturer was started in 2007 after Fortune Brands purchased Simonton Windows by a group of former Simonton executives. Growing rapidly in the years since, Wincore currently services east of the Rockies with one-week lead times.<br /> <br /> $40 Million to $50 Million<br /> <br /> ANLIN WINDOW SYSTEMS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Clovis, Calif. Employees: 250 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors General information: Focusing on the replacement market, Anlin Industries has been manufacturing vinyl windows and doors since 1990. It operates 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space equipped with three state-of-the-art IG lines, a tempering furnace and automated V-grooving equipment. Serving customers in California and Arizona, Anlin recently added a fiberglass entry door line.<br /> <br /> FENPLAST INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Candiac, Quebec, Canada Employees: 250 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, new vinyl sliding door and steel entry doors General information: Beginning with the assembly of vinyl windows in 1989, Fenplast is now a vertically integrated manufacturer that first started extruding its own vinyl in the early 1990s. In mid-2000, the company began producing its own IG units using the Super Spacer system. It recently moved into a new 250, 000-square-foot facility to regroup all of its activities in one location. The company sells its products to dealers in eastern Canada.<br /> <br /> LINCOLN WOOD PRODUCTS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Merrill, Wis. Employees: 325 Websites:, Product lines: Wood and vinyl windows and doors General information: Lincoln Wood Products was founded in 1947 by Carl and Jane Bierman. Based in Merrill, Wis., the privately-owned company manufactures wood windows and patio doors for new construction, remodeling and light commercial projects. In 1994, the Biermans formed a sister company, Timeline Vinyl Products, to offer an upscale vinyl window and patio door product line. The two companies occupy four plants totaling more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space, marketing its products through a network of more than 400 independent distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. Last year brought challenges and heartbreak to the company in the form of a tornado heavily damaging the main corporate offices and final assembly plant and the passing of Jane Bierman. Recovery from both was attributed to the strong foundation the Biermans established over the past 65 years and the dedicated work ethic of all the employees. Today, the company is stronger and more focused in part to the challenges overcome in the past year, officials report.<br /> <br /> SERIOUS ENERGY*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Sunnyvale, Calif. Employees: 400 Website: Product lines: High performance fiberglass and vinyl windows for residential and commercial applications. High performance insulating glass incorporating suspended film technology. General information: Serious Materials changed its name to Serious Energy in 2011, and focused efforts on developing programs and products to upgrade the energy efficiency of existing office, commercial and institutional buildings. With both retrofit glazing products for commercial applications and energy management software systems, Serious also launched Serious Capital to finance such projects and eliminate upfront costs for building owners. The company first rose to prominence in 2009, acquiring two recently-closed window operations – Kensington Windows in Vandergrift, Pa., and Republic Windows & Doors in Chicago. In addition to its former Republic and Kensington plants, Serious operates facilities in Newark and Sunnyvale, Calif., and Longmont, Colo. Serious also owns Omniglass Ltd., the Manitoba-based fiberglass pultruder that supplies components to numerous window manufacturers and has licensed its pultrusion technology to others.<br /> <br /> SOFT-LITE LLC<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Streetsboro, Ohio Employees: 250 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, including garden, bay, bow and specialty shapes. Patio doors including sliding, French and atrium models. Fiberglass entry systems and welded storm doors. General information: Soft-Lite made big news recently with the acquisition of the assets of Gorell Windows & Doors. Previously a Top 100 Manufacturer in its own right, Gorell entered receivership in February 2012 with Soft- Lite moving to acquire the assets shortly thereafter. The addition will expand Soft-Lite's product line and dealer base. Soft- Lite officials have not made a final decision whether it will continue to operate Gorell's Indiana, Pa. plant, but production continues there while the company officials assess their options. Founded in 1934, Soft-Lite continues to operate its own award-winning 200,000-square-foot plant featuring advanced robotic manufacturing equipment, AAMA test lab and office facility. The company operates distribution centers in Baltimore, Md., and Charlotte, N.C. Executives point out that Soft-Lite is a debt-free window and door manufacturer that continues to re-invest profits back into the business. In the past two years Soft-Lite has added three paint lines with superior curing stations, a second lamination line, automated packaging systems, and additional robotics to improve quality and increase capacity. It also has invested in customer programs, including training videos and materials, product literature, how-to pamphlets, sample kits, display samples and stands, signage, a continually updated website, and sales support. The manufacturer is also working with its customer base on services such as Improveit! 360 and GuildQuality to enhance their growth and profitability, officials note. In addition to supporting its dealer and distributor customer base, Soft-Lite continues to expand its turnkey installation service that enables the manufacturer to capitalize on new geographic market areas where dealers may not have adequate infrastructure to manage the logistics of installing numerous product lines after the initial sale. Recent product line expansion into fiberglass entry door systems, all welded storm doors, new woodgrain laminates, and new paint colors continues, with the company planning several new additions, including a maple woodgrain laminate, as well as a new sliding patio door line<br /> <br /> VINYLMAX LLC*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Hamilton, Ohio Employees: 170 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows for replacement and new construction. Vinyl patio doors General information: With a 150,000-square-foot facility opened in 2008, Vinylmax currently produces between 400,000 and 500,000 windows a year, serving distributors in more than 30 states. Last year marked the company's first year under new leadership, as Jim Doerger, who founded the company in 1982, officially turned over the reins of the family business to the next generation in at the end of 2010. He continues as chairman, with his daughter, Laura Doerger-Roberts, becoming president and general manager, and his sons, Craig Doerger and Dave Doerger, named as vice presidents. Vinylmax manufactures more than 10 lines of vinyl and wood replacement windows and doors, and has recently worked to expand its offering with a variety of decorator features, including exterior coatings in seven colors, two interior finishes, and six stylish hardware finishes.<br /> <br /> WALLSIDE WINDOWS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Taylor, Mich Employees: 91 Website: Product lines: Double-hung, single-hung, double-slider, tilt-and-slide, casement, awning, end vent windows, as well as patio doors General information: Founded in 1944 by Martin Blanck, Wallside windows is run today by his three sons. With a factory/showroom located in Taylor, Mich., the vinyl window manufacturer services two thirds of the lower peninsula of Michigan and northwest portions of Ohio. The company sells directly to the homeowner and installs its own products. In 2009, it invested in new saws, dies, four-point welders and cleaners to upgrade its production operations.<br /> <br /> $30 Million to $40 Million<br /> <br /> AIR MASTER WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Barceloneta, Puerto Rico Employees: 457 Website: Product lines: Aluminum windows and doors. Storefront, curtainwall and commercial products. Impact resistant products. Glass railings and shower enclosures. General information: Based in Puerto Rico, Air Master is one of the largest suppliers of residential and commercial fenestration products to the Caribbean market. Started in 1964, the company currently operates a 250,000-squarefoot plant housing 18 production lines, manufacturing products ranging from entry level, affordable windows and doors to high-end systems. It is the only manufacturer based in Puerto Rico to offer products that have passed stringent Dade County Florida tests for impact resistant products, it notes. Recent initiatives include a 3,000-square-foot Showroom Boutique in San Juan's designer's district.<br /> <br /> AMERICAN EXTERIORS LLC*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Littleton, Colo. Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, doors and siding General information: American Exteriors sells and installs windows, doors and siding in a 13-state area. Based in Littleton, Colo., where it produces windows, the company also has showrooms in Omaha, Neb.; Salt Lake City; Wichita, Kan.; Boise, Idaho; Oklahoma City; Minneapolis; St. Louis and the Quad Cities in Iowa. The company ranked 16th on the 2011 Replacement 100 list of the largest replacement contractors with estimated 2011 revenues of $33 million.<br /> <br /> AMERIMAX BUILDING PRODUCTS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Plano, Texas Employees: 145 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, doors and siding General information: For more than 25 years, Amerimax has manufactured high-performance vinyl windows. With vinyl window fabrication plants in Woodland, Calif., and Loveland, Colo., the company also offers patio and entry doors as part of its product offering for remodeling industry professionals in the western United States. Amerimax is a division of Euramax International, based in Norcross, Ga. With more than $1 billion in sales, Euramax manufactures a variety of aluminum, steel, vinyl and fiberglass products in the U.S. and Europe.<br /> <br /> CGI WINDOWS & DOORS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Miami, Fla. Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Impact-resistant casement, project-out, fixed, single hung, French and sliding doors General information: Started in 1992, CGI is a leading producer of architectural-grade impact-resistant aluminum windows and doors. Serving the single and multifamily residential, commercial and government/ institutional markets for new construction and replacement applications, CGI moved into its current 110,000-square-foot in 2006. In 2007, the manufacturer received an investment by Cortec Group Fund, a private equity company, allowing significant opportunities to aggressively penetrate new geographic markets and to enhance its product line to better serve the marketplace. Recently, the company has expanded its offering to include the Sentinel line of products targeted at the mid-range market, including the replacement segment. It has also expanded its Estates Collection of high-end entry doors offering the look of wood with the performance of aluminum.<br /> <br /> LUX WINDOWS & GLASS LTD.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Employees: 150 Website: Product lines: Aluminum-clad, wood and PVC windows and doors. General information: Founded in 1969, Lux Windows is a family business that prides itself on combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to craftsmanship. Operating out of a 100,000-square-foot lean manufacturing facility, the company seeks to provide renovators, builders, architects, designers and homeowners a complete line of windows and doors systems for commercial, new home construction and renovation projects.<br /> <br /> MARITECH WINDOWS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Carollton, Texas Employees: 254 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors for new construction and replacement General information: Formed in 2007, MariTech supplies windows and doors throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and surrounding states. The family-owned company operates a 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.<br /> <br /> NORTHEAST BUILDING PRODUCTS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pa. Employees: 250 Website: Product lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows, entry doors, aluminum storm doors and windows, glass block windows. General information: In business for more than 36 years, Northeast Building Products has grown from a small 1,800 square foot jalousie and glass block basement window manufacturer to a full-service fabricator and distributor of vinyl, wood and aluminum windows and doors. Today, the company serves 7,000 customers including distributors, dealers and contractors, and produces more than a quarter of a million units per year, it reports. The company's present day 250,000-square-foot facility houses more than 250 employees and features some of the most technologically-advanced equipment and systems in the industry, the company notes. Northeast Building Products continued to expand in 2011, adding three new warehouses. Joining its warehouses in Bridgeport, Ct., and South Plainfield, N.J., are facilities in Long Island, N.Y., Atlanta and Boston. These sites enable the company to service customers throughout the eastern seaboard. Northeast reports that its Crusader line of windows, which feature the Sashlite integrated sash technology, continues to expand. This year, the company rolled out a dual-pane R-5 window. The Philadelphia-based manufacturer also invested heavily in new equipment, including a fabricating center that automatically processes vinyl extrusions so that once completed, only welding is required. Also new is a profile coloration system that produces color vinyl extrusions for its Sashlite line. Northeast also added an automated glass cutting and edge deletion system that provides improved quality and productivity with superior throughput capacity. The company is making its largest investment in insulating glass equipment. A newly-purchased I3 Intercept line features a state-of-the-art 10-coil station capable of using stainless steel spacer for superior warm-edge performance. The new system is set up to receive GED's new Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS) for triple glass fabrication, which will enable Northeast Building Products to produce triple glazed windows that comply fully with proposed 2013 Energy Star requirements.<br /> <br /> REILLY WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Calverton, N.Y. Employees: 189 Website: Product lines: Traditional and contemporary custom wood windows and doors. Screens and wood shutters. General information: Operating out of a 120,000-square-foot facility that once produced F-14 fighter planes, Reilly manufactures and installs custom wood windows, doors, screens and shutters for high-end residential, historical restoration, and institutional projects nationwide. Since 1983, the company has sought to combine high levels of craftsmanship and with computerized manufacturing technology to produce both historically- accurate windows and doors, as well as innovative new window and door assemblies.<br /> <br /> ROBERT BOWDEN INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Marietta, Ga. Employees: 167 Website: Product lines: Wood windows, interior and exterior doors, garage doors, millwork, stairs, columns and specialty mouldings General information: With three locations in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Robert Bowden Inc. has been providing home builders with building materials and millwork products for the past 29 years. The company manufactures and assembles a variety of products including wood windows, custom doors, pre-hung interior and exterior doors. Headquartered in Marietta, Robert Bowden operates a 387,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility there, with additional distribution facilities located in Duluth, and McDonough, Ga. Among some of the services offered by Robert Bowden is new construction AAMA-certified installation, as well as an entire division dedicated to home improvement and repair. To round out its product offering, the company represents several different premium window and door suppliers, in addition to manufacturing its own products. RBI represents several different window and door suppliers as well. Despite the current housing market, the manufacturer and distributor continues to invest in innovative products and technology that will enable it to expand market share by providing more value added services to their customer base, officials report. A 100 percent employee-owned company, Robert Bowden ranks #159 in Home Channel News Top 200 Pro Dealers list and 71 in ProSales Top 100 largest wholesale building material distributor rankings.<br /> <br /> SEMLING-MENKE CO. INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Merrill, Wis. Employees: 315 Website: Product lines: Wood and clad-wood windows and patio doors. Multi-slide, lift-and-slide, and bi-fold patio doors. General information: In business since 1941, the third-generation family business manufactures windows and doors that are marketed under the Semco brand name. Combined operations in Merrill, Wis., and Salt Lake City, Utah, encompass more than 600,000 square feet. Early in 2011, the company consolidated an off-site eco-friendly powder coat paint operation for its extruded clad components into its primary operation in Merrill. Semco sells through a nationwide network of one-step distributors and dealers, targeting the custom residential, replacement and light commercial markets.<br /> <br /> SOLARIS INTERNATIONAL<br /> <br /> Headquarters: L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec, Canada Employees: 165 Website: Product lines: PVC windows and doors General information: Founded in 1972, the manufacturer of vinyl windows and doors serves the Quebec market in Canada, as well as Michigan and Illinois in the U.S.<br /> <br /> THV COMPOZIT WINDOWS & DOORS*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Louisville, Ky. Employees: 530 Website: Product lines: Vinyl and composite replacement windows. Steel entry door systems. General information: Previously known as True Home Value, the company changed its name to THV Compozit Windows & Doors last year. THV manufactures cellular composite replacement windows at a 65,000-square-foot factory in Mandan, N.D., a facility that got its start as Thermal Line Windows in 1984. Its divisions include Leingang, Rolox, and Primax Home Centers, THV Stores, and Thomas Construction, which together serve 16 states in the Midwest and Midsouth. The companies install thermal replacement windows and doors and maintenance-free siding and trimwork. It also offers home improvements such as kitchen and bath remodeling, custom-designed decks, glass and screen sunrooms and roofing. THV ranked seventh in the 2011 Replacement Contractor list of the largest replacement contractors with estimated 2011 revenues of nearly $39 million.<br /> <br /> TRU TECH DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Employees: 150 Website: Product lines: Wood-edge steel doors, steel-edge steel doors and steel frames. Fiberglass doors. Complete door systems featuring decorative glass, Arteferro wrought iron and Tru View mini-blinds, and multipoint hardware. General information: Launched in 1998, Tru Tech Doors operates state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities in Ontario and Virginia. Positioned to serve distributors and door fabricators throughout North American market, the company is introducing its new Belmont fiberglass door line, featuring 46 different door panel options, in 2012.<br /> <br /> TRUSTILE DOORS LLC<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Denver, Colo. Employees: 225 Website: Product lines: MDF and wood stile-and-rail interior and exterior doors General information: In 2011, TruStile expanded its product line and capabilities with the purchase of Woodharbor Doors from Woodharbor Doors & Cabinetry in Northwood, Iowa. TruStile operates the door unit as a fully-owned subsidiary with operations and key employees remaining at the Iowa manufacturing facility. Founded in 1995, TruStile was one of the first manufacturers of MDF doors for paint-grade applications, it reports. In 2003, it expanded its product offering to include architectural wood doors, now available in 14 standard species. It operates three manufacturing facilities in Denver, servicing about 700 dealers in the U.S. Kenner & Co., the New York-based private equity firm with a stake in the Atrium Cos., also owns a stake in TruStile.<br /> <br /> UNITED WINDOW & DOOR<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Springfield, N.J. Employees: 175 Website: Product lines: Comprehensive line of new construction and replacement vinyl windows and doors. Options include SDL and flat exterior casing, as well as more than 50 different interior and exterior laminates. General information: With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Springfield, N.J, the fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company is focused on windows and doors. United supplies specialty dealers, regional and national distributors, independent and national lumberyards, as well as offering a big box product line. Marketing its products throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and upper Southeastern states, the company also operates service and installation centers in Baltimore, Md., and Columbus, Ohio. Continued investment in manufacturing technology has enabled the company to achieve a low fail-rate of less than one-tenth of a percent, as well as a 99.8 percent on-time and complete customer service record with 6-10 day lead times. Recent initiatives include joining with Deceuninck and JP Industrial in a PVC recycling program. New product lines for 2012 include a new tilt-and- turn window designed for the commercial market.<br /> <br /> VISTA WINDOW CO. LLC<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Warren, Ohio Employees: 125 Website: Product lines: Replacement windows and patio doors General information: Vista operates two production facilities in Warren, Ohio, including one dedicated to replacement window manufacturing, and another focused on specialty, exterior color products and patio doors. Vista also has products manufactured for distribution west of the Rocky Mountains and South of the Mason- Dixon line through a joint venture with Simonton Windows, producing these products in Simonton's Illinois window plant. Vista was again named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately-held companies in 2011, making this the fourth year in a row.<br /> <br /> VIWINCO INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Morgantown, Pa. Employees: 210 Website: Product lines: Vinyl new construction and replacement windows and patio doors, including impact-resistant products, geometrics and other complementary styles. General information: Celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2012, Viwinco is family-owned business operating a 140,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, together with a 30,000-square-foot research and development facility. Focused on custom made windows and doors delivered in seven days, the Pennsylvania company enhanced the DP ratings of its OceanView impact-resistant windows and patio doors, as well as expanding the line to include sliding, bay and bow windows. The company also introduced a full product line of commercially rated windows last year. To reduce its carbon footprint, Viwinco's 20-acre campus now receives 40 percent of its electricity from the solar farm adjacent to its manufacturing facility.<br /> <br /> $15 Million to $30 Million<br /> <br /> ARMACLAD WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Chicago, Ill. Employees: 100 Website: Product lines: Vinyl replacement windows, residential and commercial fiberglass windows. Acoustical window and doors, vinyl and fiberglass sliding patio doors, high-performance IG units and fiberglass entry doors. General information: With locations in Chicago and Bensenville, Ill., as well as Waynesboro, Pa., Armaclad markets products under the Encore, Liberty, FiberFusion 1000, Elegant Expresssions, Point One, InvisiScreen, Force 400, SecurGlass, EnergyGuard, InsulGuard, InsulMax and PowerFin trade names. The manufacturer also offers commercial fiberglass window systems and is an active provider in the Department of Energy's R-5 program.<br /> <br /> B.F. RICH WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Newark, Del. Employees: 140 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, architectural shapes and patio doors for the remodeling, new construction and light commercial markets. General information: B.F. Rich, owned by senior management and Michael D. Sifen, a Virginia real estate developer, has been manufacturing windows and doors since 1957. Operating out of its 120,000-square-foot facility, the Delaware company supplies vinyl windows and doors for new construction, renovation and light commercial products through a network of dealers in the South Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. B.F. Rich was once again nationally ranked among the 2011 top sellers in the DOE's R-5 Windows Volume Purchase Program. B.F. Rich's Green Shield window program continues to expand and currently accounts for nearly 50 percent of the company's premium window sales, it reports.<br /> <br /> BROTHERS HOME IMPROVEMENT<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Roseville, Calif. Employees: 90 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors for the replacement market General information: Founded in 1994, Brothers Home Improvement manufactures, sells and installs custom vinyl retrofit windows and patio doors throughout the state of California. The company originated in the San Jose area and has since expanded to the Sacramento Valley, the East Bay and Southern California. It started manufacturing in 2003 with the opening a plant in Sparks, Nev. The company ranked 34th in Qualified Remodeler's Exterior 200 listings, with 2010 reported sales of nearly $15 million.<br /> <br /> COMFORT WINDOW & DOOR CO.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Syracuse, N.Y. Employees: 200 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows, entry systems, sunrooms. Siding, insulation and home improvement products. General information: Founded in 1979, Comfort Window provides windows, doors and other home improvement products throughout Upstate New York. Started as a dealer/installer serving the Syracuse market, Comfort Window formed Galaxy Manufacturing Co. in 1983 to manufacture its own products. It expanded out of the Syracuse area with a Rochester location, adding doors, siding and sunrooms at the same time. In 1994, it moved to a larger Syracuse location and also opened a third branch in Albany. In 2003, Comfort became a fully accredited Building Performance Institute organization and insulation and home energy audits were integrated into the product line. In 2008 and 2009, the company added basement remodeling, and opened a new showroom in Buffalo. Comfort Window ranked 18th on the Exterior Contractor 2011 list of the 200 largest exterior contracting firms in the U.S., with reported sales of nearly $24 million.<br /> <br /> DON YOUNG CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Employees: 110 Website: Product lines: Vinyl and thermal-break aluminum windows and patio doors. Storm doors and windows General information: Started in 1978, Don Young Co. is a dealer-direct manufacturer serving the home improvement, replacement, commercial and custom-home builder markets in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Based in Dallas, the company also distributes products through branch locations in Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock and Oklahoma City. The company recently added a new thermally-broken aluminum casement and awning line. This year marks Don Young's first entry into the Window & Door Top 100.<br /> <br /> GERKIN WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: S. Sioux City, Neb. Employees: 165 Website: Product lines: Commercial aluminum windows, vinyl windows and patio doors. Storm doors. General information: Gerkin operates a 165,000-squarefoot plant built in 2004. Recently, it has invested in a significant amount of new equipment dedicated to its Comfort Series vinyl windows, including new fabrication centers for its casement and double-hung products. Founded in 1932, the company also produces the Rhino Series commercial windows, as well as the Classic, Uniquely Yours and Cabrio line of storm doors.<br /> <br /> GILKEY WINDOW CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio Employees: 150 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors. Entry doors General information: The manufacturer and installer of window and door products has a plant and showroom facilities in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Louisville and Lexington, Ky.; and Chicago. In 2009, it became a distributor of Kolbe windows and doors. It also recently added became a distributor of Unilux window and doors made in Germany, and launched its own Intelligence line of commercial vinyl products. Gilkey ranked 26th on the 2011 Replacement 100 list of the largest replacement contractors with estimated 2011 revenues of $18.5 million.<br /> <br /> HAYFIELD WINDOW & DOOR CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Hayfield, Minn. Employees: 120 Website: Product lines: Vinyl- and vinyl-clad wood windows for new construction and replacement General information: Hayfield Windows has been manufacturing windows since 1951. Operating out of a 185,000-square-foot plant, it sells its products through lumber yards and distributors. The company also operates Richlin Windows, as a separate division offering high-performance replacement windows through authorized dealers. Both lines are marketed throughout the Midwest.<br /> <br /> INLINE FIBERGLASS LTD.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Employees: 150 Website: Product lines: Fiberglass windows and doors, fiberglass window reinforcements for aluminum and vinyl windows and architectural custom profiles. General information: Operating from two locations with 175,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company supplies all-fiberglass window and door products used in residential (both new construction and retrofit) and commercial projects, supplying fabricators, contractors and builders. Inline began operations in 1978, first focused on aluminum and switched fully to fiberglass in 1992. Being vertically integrated, Inline also supplies its energy efficient fiberglass windows lineals, as well as technology and equipment, domestically and internationally to manufacturers and fabricators. Last year, the manufacturer launched the Eternity Series all fiberglass double hung window designed to offer both beauty and high performance.<br /> <br /> MATHEWS BROTHERS CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Belfast, Maine Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Putty-glazed wood windows; historic restoration wood windows; new construction and replacement PVC windows and patio doors; composite/acrylic windows; and Fusion-Core (R-5) PVC replacement windows. General information: More than 155 years old, Mathews Brothers says it is America's oldest window manufacturer. The family-owned company offers an extensive array of products, ranging from traditional wood windows to composite products and its most recent product line, rolled out in 2011, which features EnergyCore technology from Mikron to exceed the performance requirements of the DOE's R-5 program. After supplying product through distribution and its own retail businesses for many years, the manufacturer closed down its retail locations two years ago to focus on sales to distributors. With the change, the company has expanded its market, and now services all of New England, and the Hudson River valley in New York State. In addition to gearing up for its new R-5 product line, the company also added on capacity by installing a third IG line, tripled its argon filling capacity, and added a new bending machine in recent years. In 2011, Mathews Brothers hosted U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe for a visit to its factory, as well as Maine Governor Paul LePage. The manufacturer was also recognized with OSHA's Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) designation for its efforts in providing a safe and healthy work environment.<br /> <br /> MGM INDUSTRIES<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Hendersonville, Tenn. Employees: 200+ Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors, including new construction, replacement and impact products. General information: With more than 400,000 square feet in manufacturing facilities and eight lines of extrusion equipment, MGM produces Southern Rose windows and doors for new construction, the WindStrong line for high design pressure performance and impact, the Sienna replacement product line. In recent years, the company has added automated equipment to offer painted vinyl windows and doors, including the Southern Rose 8010 Series and 8017 Series double hung windows, each positioned as an alternative to clad-wood windows. In 2011, MGM developed the first all-vinyl four panel sliding patio door, in which all the panels slide in individual tracks and slide to either side, executives note. Founded in 1965 as a manufacturer of jalousie and storm windows, MGM has grown into a vertically-integrated manufacturer, the Tennessee company serves wholesale distributors and independent lumber dealers in the East, Midwest and South.<br /> <br /> MIDWAY WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Chicago, Ill. Employees: 145 Website: www. Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors for both the new construction and replacement markets. General information: Beginning operations in 1964, Midway operates from a 100,000-square-foot plant serving eight Midwestern states. A founding member of the American Window Alliance, the company offers the Alliance brand window lines. Midway sells through one-and two-step distribution, as well as to contractor-oriented lumber yards.<br /> <br /> MOSS SUPPLY CO.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C. Employees: 310 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors for replacement and new construction. Impact products. General information: Moss Supply Company serves nearly 800 dealers from Maryland to Texas, including lumberyards, building material dealers, sash and door distributors, home improvement dealers and modular home manufacturers. The 57-year-old company continues to operate approximately 500,000-square-feet of manufacturing and distribution space, with operations in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., Cartersville, Ga., and Ashland, Va., as well as Mayfair Windows & Doors in Lafayette, La. In 2011, Moss expanded its product line with the Series 6000/6300, offered in single and double hung models, and in new construction and replacement versions. The company also brought in new leadership, with the appointment of Ralph Wearsch as president and Greg Smith as CFO.<br /> <br /> NT WINDOW INC.*<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas Employees: 110 Web site: Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows and doors General Information: Offering a variety of product lines for the residential remodeling and light commercial industries, its products are sold both through both distributors and direct dealers. Family-owned and -operated since 1982, the Texas-based company serves the replacement market throughout the Southern U.S., including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.<br /> <br /> OKNA WINDOWS & DOORS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Bristol, Pa. Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Vinyl and composite windows and doors General information: Started by two Polish immigrants in 1994, Okna has focused on producing vinyl and composite replacement and new construction windows and doors offering low U-values and air infiltration ratings. The manufacturer's products are available through a select dealer network in New England, the Mid-Atlantic states and as far West as Illinois. The company operates out of two manufacturing facilities, occupying more than 100,000 square feet, in Bristol, Pa.<br /> <br /> PARAMOUNT WINDOWS CORP.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Tempe, Ariz. Employees: 200+ Website: Product lines: Residential and commercial sunrooms, solariums and conservatories. Retractable and window and door awnings. Replacement windows. Solar shades. General information: A new entry to the Top 100 this year, Paramount Windows manufactures and supplies aluminum and vinyl windows and doors to approximately 65 percent of the tract home business in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, it reports, as well as distributing products through select dealers across the Southwestern states. A sister company, Builders Accessories Inc., manufactures specialty windows and has nationwide distribution, and Paramount Windows also extends its reach across the country through several multi-family and apartment projects every year. Paramount also supplies bath and shower packs to large productions builders in the Valley of the Sun, as well as operating commercial, custom luxury, dealer and retrofit window sales divisions.<br /> <br /> PUBLIC SUPPLY CO.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Okla. Employees: 105 Website: Product lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and doors. General information: The manufacturer of its own line of Diamond Windows & Doors, Public Supply was founded in Oklahoma City in 1946 by two brothers, Ralph and Calvin Wright. After three generations, the company is one of the largest construction industry firms in Oklahoma supplying windows and doors to the residential and commercial markets. With offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, it distributes Eagle and Windsor wood windows and doors, Silver Line vinyl windows and doors, and Castlegate and Masonite door systems.<br /> <br /> SEAWAY MANUFACTURING CORP.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Erie, Pa. Employees: 120 Website: Product lines: The Seaway Signature, Ovation, Encore and Accolate lines of vinyl replacement windows. Encore and Prima Vista sliding patio doors; EntryPride steel entry doors; and storm Windows and Doors. GrandView sunrooms and BetterView patio rooms; General information: The 50-year-old company serves dealers in 20 states covering much of the Eastern half of the country. Seaway focuses on offering installer-friendly, feature-rich vinyl replacement windows, as well as steel and fiberglass entry doors, in a variety of colors and styles. The company also produces sunrooms said to provide both flexibility and elegant design options. The manufacturer was recognized with a 2011 Crystal Achievement Award for its introduction of QR code technology in its marketing efforts.<br /> <br /> SUN WINDOWS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Owensboro, Ky. Website: Product lines: Clad wood windows and doors. Vinyl windows. General information: Operating a 240,000-square-foot plant in Owensboro, Ky., the manufacturer expanded its market share and geographic reach to a 600-mile radius in 2011. Serving the states of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, Sun Windows added a new sliding and outswing patio door product line last year. The company traces its heritage back to the V.E. Anderson Manufacturing Co., which was founded in the '30s to produce wood storm windows.<br /> <br /> TAYLOR BUILDING PRODUCTS<br /> <br /> Headquarters: West Branch, Mich. Employees: 100 Website: Product lines: Steel and fiberglass entry doors. Decorative doorlites General information: Started in 1946, Taylor manufactures steel-edge, wood-edge and fiberglass entry door slabs under the Taylor Door and Perma-Door brand names, as well as decorative and commodity doorlites under the Premium Glass brand. In 2011, Taylor expanded its fiberglass product line to include Timberline Deluxe fiberglass doors in cherry, mahogany, oak and fir woodgrains, as well as the manufacturer's adjustable hinge system.<br /> <br /> THERMAL WINDOWS INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Tulsa, Okla. Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Thermal barrier windows, sliding glass doors and terrace doors General information: With headquarters and manufacturing located in Tulsa, Okla., Thermal Windows distributes products nationwide for residences, multi-family projects, schools, government facilities and military bases. Founded in 1980, the company operates manufacturing facilities occupying more than 235,000 square feet.<br /> <br /> VINYL WINDOW TECHNOLOGIES<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Paducah, Ky. Employees: 240 Websites:, Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio door for new construction and replacement. General information: Better known as ViWinTech, the company operates a 160,000 square foot plant in Paducah, Ky., where it began manufacturing vinyl windows in 1984. The company serves exterior building product suppliers, lumber companies, home centers, manufactured housing and dealers throughout 24 states, from Florida to Nebraska and Louisiana to Virginia. The manufacturer expects to expand its product offerings in 2012, as well as add new equipment.<br /> <br /> VYTEX CORP.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Laurel, Md. Employees: 120 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors. Bays and bows. Entry and storm doors. General information: Maryland-based vinyl window manufacturer Vytex Windows opened a new distribution center in Cleveland in 2011. The manufacturer is working with a major window dealer in the region, and is looking at markets in western Ohio and into Indiana as well. Vytex Windows operates a 200,000-squarefoot plant and showroom in Laurel, Md. Providing a complete measure-and-install program for its dealers, the manufacturer serves the Mid-Atlantic states, the Carolinas and Georgia, in addition to its newer territories.<br /> <br /> WIN-DOR INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Anaheim, Calif. Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Vinyl windows and doors, General information: With a 75,000-square-foot plant, the company manufactures and installs vinyl replacement products, serving homeowners throughout Southern California. Operating five showrooms, the company reports it has 32 installation teams installing windows and doors in about 150 homes per week. Recent introductions include a bi-fold vinyl door system for wide openings, as well as patio covers and residential solar systems. The company ranked 31st on the 2011 Replacement 100 list of the largest replacement contractors with 2010 revenues of $15.6 million.<br /> <br /> WINDOOR INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Orlando, Fla. Employees: 195 Website: Product lines: Aluminum sliding glass doors and fixed windows. Vinyl windows. General information: Focusing on high-end aluminum and vinyl products for hurricane and severe weather markets, the company manufactures windows, sliding glass doors and terrace doors for five-star resorts, luxury high-rise condominiums, and celebrity mansions throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. It offers AAMA, ASTM and Miami-Dade tested and approved products available in custom colors, including bypass, corner and pocket doors. With its new vinyl window line, the company is able to deliver products that achieve both R-5 performance and high acoustic ratings, as well as meeting impact and even bomb-blast requirements. WinDoor moved into a new plant in 2006, expanding its manufacturing operations from 121,000 square feet to 310,000 square feet.<br /> <br /> ZELUCK INC.<br /> <br /> Headquarters: Orlando, Fla. Employees: 130 Website: Product lines: Custom wood windows and doors, including aluminum and bronze clad products. Thermally-broken stainless steel and bronze windows and doors. General information: The 90-year-old manufacturer focuses on high end residential, historical, institutional and commercial projects. The company produces both American and European style windows and doors, and also operates a subsidiary, Fenestra America LLC, which imports windows and doors from Europe. Based in New York, it also has showrooms and offices in Palm Beach, Fla., and Los Angeles.

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