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➤ SPECIAL FEATURE —Top 100 Manufacturers 2012 Door facings for Craftmaster doors, as well as other products, are produced at CMI’s plant in Towanda, Pa. molded door designs (facings), trim and panels, as well as door-manufacturing facilities in Christiansburg, Va., Ozark, Ala., Garland, Texas, and Plainfield, Ill. CMI is also an equity investor in Jilin Fudun Timber Company Ltd., a manufacturer of particleboard, door facings and related products, located in Dunhua, Jilin Province, China. Fudun is said to be one of the largest and most respected timber and wood products companies in China. CMI’s manufacturing presence in China is aimed at helping the company grow its international molded interior door business, particularly in Asia, India and the Middle East, while better positioning CMI for the domestic new construction market recovery. FOUR SEASONS SOLAR PRODUCTS LLC Headquarters: Holbrook, N.Y. Employees: 311 Website: Product lines: Sunrooms, conservatories, and patio covers. Replacement windows and doors. General information: Serving more than 300 independent franchise and dealer customers, the long-time manufacturer of sunrooms, patio rooms and conservatories has expanded its product range in recent years to include energy-saving replacement windows and doors. To support these efforts, the company also recently introduced the Four Seasons Home Products brand. Its 220,000-square-foot facility in Holbrook, N.Y., was expanded in 2009 for window production, and now is equipped with a fully-operational vinyl window manufacturing line, with new equipment added recently to increase efficiency. In addition to its New York facility, Four Seasons operates a distribution facility on the West Coast, as well as 14 corporate retail outlets. Founded in 1975, Four Seasons was acquired in 2006 by the Latium Group, a UK-based company. For 2012, Four Seasons plans to expand into the kitchen business at its retail locations. 46 | Window & Door | March/April 2012 KINRO INC. Headquarters: Arlington, Texas Employees: 1,500 Websites:, Product lines: Windows and doors for the manufac-tured housing and recreational vehicle industries General information: Kinro, a manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows and doors, serves the manufactured housing industry from plants in Double Springs, Ala.; Phoenix; Cairo, Ga.; Nampa, Idaho; Goshen, Ind.; Liberty, N.C.; Dayton, Tenn.; Mansfield, Texas; and Chester, S.C. It added the South Carolina plant in 2010, moving into to a former Philips Products facility. Kinro also has window and door plants servicing the recreational vehicle industry in Fontana, Calif., and Bristol, Elkhart, and Goshen, Ind. In addition to windows and doors, Kinro produces bath-tubs, showers and other parts for the recreational vehi-cles. Drew reported total sales of $628 million for the year ending September 2011. Windows and doors for manu-factured housing were said to account for $55 million and $116 million were attributed to RV windows and doors. KOLBE & KOLBE MILLWORK INC. Headquarters: Wausau, Wis. Employees: 1,600 Website: Product lines: Wood windows and doors. Vinyl win-dows and doors. Fiberglass doors. Wood interior doors. General information: Continuing to expand its prod-uct range with the addition of a folding door system and a new beveled direct set line, as well as several new product op-tions, Kolbe & Kolbe was found-ed in 1946 by brothers Herb and Ervin Kolbe and celebrated its Wood windows are produced at Kolbe & Kolbe’s plant in Wausau, Wis. *Sales information not confirmed by company

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