Window and Door June/July 2012 : Page 19

Produce Triple IGUs In 20-Second Cycle Times With Touch-Free Technology! Air In Non-Contact Air Out Glass Lift Air Out Touch-Free Glass Lift Now you can simplify triple and dual pane IGU sequencing by utilizing the new benchmark in One-Piece Flow – GED’s Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS.) While most highly effective when producing IG units with Intercept Warm Edge spacers, the system’s distinctive capabilities can also accommodate other spacer systems. ATLAS efficiently assembles dual or tri-pane units from 14 x 16 to 72 x 100 inches in size and in any order sequence. This cutting edge manufacturing solution delivers more of what you’ll need: Productivity/Speed: Able to process complicated and otherwise slow-to-make, triple-glazed units in unprecedented 20-second cycle times (triples three units/minute, duals six units/minute) --affording a production capacity of up to 1,440 cycles per eight hour shift. Accuracy/Quality: Engineered with touch-free Bernoulli technology, center glass lites are lifted and suspended in mid-air without contact to the lite surface, ensuring contamination-free placement and accurate alignment of both triple and dual IGUs. Efficiency: Minimize costs and maximize productivity while maintaining the highest levels of quality in your energy efficient products. What can 20-second cycle times do for your operation? Get the competitive advantage that comes with the ultra-efficient ATLAS. Call your GED Sales Representative today for more information. 3 Units/Minute 6 Units/Minute Technology for Today Innovations for Tomorrow 330.963.5401

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